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Sustainable disposable and reusable products

We offer you sustainable products at the best prices. Thousands of restaurateurs and supermarkets supplied. Over 500,000 customers.

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Over 500,000 customers

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Large selection of sustainable disposable packaging and reusable solutions

We bring you sustainable products at great prices. We are one of the fastest growing sustainable trading companies and supply wholesale, retail and gastronomy in Germany. We have already supplied products to more than 5000 branches. We have reached millions of consumers and replaced around 100 million plastic products with our alternatives . Many of our products are already climate neutral. With your purchase you support our young team and fair trade. You can find out more about our company here . Thank you for your support!

Customer testimonials from our gastro partners

We have been using the super straw for quite some time and are happy to have found a very sustainable product that is also edible.
The feedback from our guests is consistently positive.

Mercure Hotel Stuttgart

At LeBurger, we made a conscious decision to use wisefood straws. We have 5 restaurants in Vienna and our guests are super curious and fascinated by the product and post it up and down the www.

For the environment and for us it was the right decision to enter into this partnership.


Right from the start we are enthusiastic about the idea of ​​replacing our ordinary and boring straws with Wisefood's super straws.
The super straws are very popular with our guests and are very well received.

Hotel Novotel Suites Berlin City Potsdamer Platz

Palm leaf plates, wooden cutlery, candles, serviettes, edible drinking straws and many other disposable and reusable products

About us: Wisefood offers you a diverse portfolio of sustainable disposable and reusable products at attractive prices. We deliver products directly to your home or to your shop. We usually obtain our products directly from the manufacturer. We try to keep the supply chains as short as possible. This saves energy, costs and time. We pass these savings on to our customers.

Founded in 2017 as a young company, Wisefood has developed into one of the best-known suppliers of products related to packaging and the covered. The products are known from a crowdfunding campaign and well-known TV programs such as DHDL / "Die Höhle der Löwen" (VOX), Galileo, ARD Mittagsmagazin and many more.

In addition to products made from palm leaves , sugar cane , wood and other renewable raw materials, Wisefood also offers what is probably the largest product portfolio of edible crockery . It is financially supported by Delivery Hero, one of the largest food delivery companies in the world.

We develop and sell edible and sustainable single-use alternatives: edible drinking straws , edible cutlery , edible tableware , edible spoons , edible chopsticks , edible cake popsticks , edible plates , edible cups , edible bowls and many other great food products. The pasta-noodle-macaroni straws from Wisefood, for example, are also enjoying increasing popularity. We are always working on new innovations and will also be launching the first edible fork in Germany in the future.

Due to the trend towards sustainability and the plastic ban 2021 , which came into force in July 2021, Wisefood is enjoying a rapidly growing demand from retail and gastronomy. The products are suitable for young and old and can be used everywhere. For example, many ice cream parlors rely on the edible ice cream spoons as the perfect complement to the ice cream. The edible drinking straws go well with cocktails, long drinks, but also with coffee or cocoa and are therefore often used in cafés or bars. As a technology company, we also supply many large food companies. Shoppers are always looking for food innovations and sustainable plastic alternatives.

The products are made according to a secret recipe and consist of different ingredients and ingredients depending on the product - but often grain and apple fiber. Compared to spoons made of puff pastry, the Wisefood spoons are particularly stable.

The edible straws are a very good alternative to glass drinking straws, stainless steel, silicone, paper straws, PLA, plastic or even reusable drinking straws that have to be cleaned with a cleaning brush. Wisefood drinking straws are very trendy and are available in different lengths between 20 and 25 cm and diameters of 3mm/5mm, 6mm, 8mm. Theoretically even 10mm diameter is possible. Wisefood protects its own innovations through patent applications and utility models and sells the products in over 25 countries around the world. The edible stalks consist of, among other things, durum wheat semolina, wheat gluten and apple fiber - a residue that occurs when apple juice is produced from the apple and taste sweet and sour plus - little like lemon

The demand is increasing enormously due to the plastic bans in many countries. In addition to the EU plastic ban, there are also bans on single-use plastic in countries such as Canada, India, South Korea and some states in the USA. This usually also includes bio-based and biodegradable plastics such as PLA.

Wisefood products can be found at well-known retailers such as Transgourmet, ALDI, Migros, EDEKA, REWE, Hofer, Selgros, Gorillas and many more.

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