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Makkaroni Nudel Pasta Strohhalme Trinkhalme

Macaroni Noodle Straws

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  • Macaroni Noodle Straws / Pasta Straws - Ø 6 mm - 22.5 cm long

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    Our sustainable pasta straws are the ideal alternative to plastic straws. The macaroni straws are made in certified production facilities in German...

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Macaroni noodle drinking straws from Wisefood

Drink without feeling guilty. With the edible straws / pasta straws from Wisefood: no problem! Maybe you already know us. We are known from various programs such as "Die Höhle der Löwen", the knowledge magazine "Galileo" and «RTL night journal». Our motto: ZERO WASTE for a better future!

Macaroni noodle drinking straws from Wisefood are the perfect alternative to conventional disposable plastic straws, metal drinking straws and glass straws. Our pasta straw also leaves drinking straws made of bamboo or paper in the shade. Convince yourself.

  • Sustainable: Our macaroni noodle drinking straws are made from renewable raw materials (durum wheat semolina), are vegan and 100% compostable.
  • Made in Germany: We produce our products in Europe. Because sustainability in production and delivery is important to us and therefore top priority.
  • Particularly stable: The organic pasta straw does not break and is therefore also suitable for children. Furthermore, our macaroni straws can be used flexibly. You can use it to drink warm drinks like tea, coffee or hot chocolate, but also to sip your iced tea or soft drink. Our edible drinking straw is also suitable for cocktails. After use, it can simply be nibbled away. Depending on the type of drink, it stays stable between 60 and 120 minutes and last but not least it is healthy and delicious.
  • BPA Free: Our straight straws contain no plasticizers. For this reason they are also not flexible. But it is environmentally friendly and not harmful to humans!

Disposable plastic ban in July 2021 - a first step towards a better future

A start has been made: since July 3, 2021, straws and disposable plastic tableware have been in the EU forbidden. Likewise, BIO plastic (PLA) may no longer be used to manufacture drinking straws and alternatives to disposable tableware. The renunciation of plastic products of this kind finally allows our nature to breathe a sigh of relief. There are plenty of substitute products. A particularly sustainable and at the same time healthy alternative is the pasta macaroni drinking straw from Wisefood. Environmental protection can be so easy and tasty too!

Pasta macaroni drinking straws from Wisefood - 8 impressive facts!

Disposable plastic straws are finally history. However, this does not mean that you have to do without drinking straws from now on. With us you will find the perfect disposable alternative to the disused plastic straw.

Fact 1: Can be used anywhere and lasts a long time

It doesn't matter whether you're having a family celebration, planning a children's birthday party or a barbecue party: the pasta macaroni drinking straw always cuts a fine figure. It shouldn't be missing in your to-go drink either.

Our sustainable macaroni pasta straws have a diameter of 6 millimeters and are 22.5 centimeters long. So you can drink any of your drinks through our edible pasta straw. It doesn't matter whether it's hot coffee or tea, cold water, a fruity, thick milkshake or a creamy piña colada. Pasta straws can be used anywhere and are therefore always a welcome plastic or reusable alternative in cafés, restaurants, cocktail bars, hotels or event catering own taste, but enhance the natural aroma of your drink. So you not only make a positive contribution to the environment.Your palate will be delighted too

Fact 2: 100% biodegradable

Use it wherever you are and without having a guilty conscience . You can simply nibble it away after use or, if you don't feel like it, dispose of it in the organic waste. Due to the fact that our pasta straw consists exclusively of durum wheat semolina and water, it is 100% compostable, free of harmful plasticizers / BPA-free and also a good alternative to reusable drinking straws such as glass straws or stainless steel straws. But we do not only pay attention to sustainability with the product. Our packaging is also recyclable.

Fact 3: It couldn't be more hygienic

Another advantage that weighs a ton is the hygienic aspect. This means that our PASTA STRAWS do not have to be laboriously cleaned after each use. This means: The hygiene regulations are observed 100% and there is no additional effort for cleaning. Benefits that restaurateurs in particular appreciate.

Pasta macaroni drinking straws from Wisefood have become indispensable in the catering and hotel industry, because they do not cause any waste, are stable for around 60 minutes, food-safe and, despite their simplicity, make you happy something in every drink. Customers who already use our cool and sustainable pasta drinking straws are well-known hotels in the Accor Hotels Group such as Mercure Hotels, ibis or Novotel Suites.

Also wholesale customers such as Selgros, Chefs Culinar , Hamberger and Transgourmet, who have our products in their range, regularly send us positive feedback, which customers leave with them. This makes us happy, because your satisfaction is important to us!

Fact 4: Made in Germany

From planting to production, we can confirm with a clear conscience that our macaroni straws are sustainable. The cultivation of the raw materials takes place under ecologically acceptable measures. At Wisefood, it is important to us that the ingredients of our pasta straw come from German fields. This allows us to continuously monitor the production facilities and the raw materials used.

In addition, all production facilities are "IFS" certified, which means that all internal processes are carried out according to international standards and are controlled accordingly. Another guarantee for our customers that with our macaroni straw they are purchasing a safe and at the same time sustainable product.

Another positive side effect is the short transport routes, which guarantee lower CO₂ emissions. Accordingly, jobs are created in their own country and the environment is less burdened. So why wander far when the good is so close?

Fact 5: Macaroni drinking straws are edible

Pasta straws are not only suitable for drinks of all kinds to slurp with pleasure. You can also simply nibble on them after drinking. In addition, they can also end up in the pasta water and be processed into a delicious pasta dish. As you can see: macaroni straws are not only for drinking, but also cut a fine figure as the main ingredient in your favorite pasta dish and make you happy on top of that.

Fact 6: Macaroni straws are vegan

When manufacturing our products, we explicitly refrain from using animal products. Thus, we and our customers act for the well-being of the animal and at the same time make a clear statement against factory farming and also avoid unnecessary CO₂ emissions.

Fact 7: Macaroni straws are strong

Compared to other plastic straw alternatives including paper straws, pasta straws are extremely strong. We have tested it and guarantee that the Wisefood Macaroni Straw stays crisp in cold drinks for up to 120 minutes and retains its shape in hot drinks for up to 60 minutes. Furthermore, they offer a pleasant drinking experience, do not break in two or conduct heat. Accordingly, they allow our customers relaxed drinking pleasure over a long period of time and are therefore also suitable for children.

Fact 8: A fair product at a good price

Starting with the cultivation through to production, all employees work under fair conditions. There are no dumping wages or unsightly working conditions with us. We also offer catering businesses and interested wholesalers the opportunity to purchase our products on fair terms.

Private customers can of course buy our macaroni drinking straw and other sustainable products from Wisefood online or in one of over 5000 branches well-known dealers such as EDEKA, REWE, FAMILIA or ALDI. They are available in packs of 100 or 1000 (2 x 500) pieces.

Start into a better future with products from Wisefood

Wisefood is a young company, which is based in Munich. Our goal: drive plastic products out of the market and replace them with sustainable products! At Wisefood, we attach particular importance to sustainability: starting with the production and packaging to the delivery of our sustainable disposable tableware and our edible drinking straws, environmental considerations play an overriding role for us. Our sustainable product range is constantly expanding.

We have already replaced one hundred million plastic straws with our sustainable drinking straws. And not just in Germany, but in over twenty countries such as Canada, France, South Korea, Australia and Indonesia.

Wisefood was also able to receive well-known awards such as the "EIT Food Award". We are particularly proud of this honor because it is considered the most important prize for start-up companies that produce sustainable and innovative products. We feel no less honored by other awards: We were also able to receive prizes such as "Germany - Land of Ideas", the "Transgourmet Newcomer Award", to name just two.

And it's far from over. Every day we work on new ideas and their best possible implementation in order to make our planet a little bit better. If sustainability is as important to you as it is to us, then become part of our community. True to the motto: ZERO WASTE for a better future!