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paper towels

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  • Paper towels - 1-ply gray 25 x 23 cm - ZZ fold - 5000 pieces

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    Our sustainable disposable towels are made from recycled paper and can therefore be easily disposed of in the organic waste bin or compost. Our tow...

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  • Paper towels - 1-ply green 25 x 23 cm - ZZ fold - 5000 pieces

    Original price €45,99
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    Current price €45,99

    Our sustainable disposable towels are made from recycled paper and can therefore be easily disposed of in the organic waste bin or compost. Our tow...

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Our paper towels

We at Wisefood are one of the leading providers of disposable tableware and edible cutlery. Our main goal is to offer sustainable products to protect the environment. For this reason, we are constantly expanding our range and now also offer you sustainable paper towels. They are delivered to you with a practical layer fold and are best stored in a dispenser with a wall bracket. They represent a sensible alternative to air hand dryers and are the first choice in private households as well as in companies.

Advantage of paper towel box for the bathroom

In addition to sustainability, which is very important to us, our cellulose rolls are practical. You can store them in a classic Tork dispenser. So they are always ready to hand after washing your hands and easy to remove thanks to the zigzag fold. Although it is a sustainable material, the towels are characterized by their stability. They are not only extremely tear-resistant, but also absorbent. Rubbing the paper on the skin significantly reduces the germs still present after washing. With our paper towels you can significantly minimize your risk of infection compared to an electrically operated hand dryer. One more reason to install a paper towel dispenser in your company.

The advantages of a paper towel for your toilet:

  • SUSTAINABLE: the Wisefood paper towels are made from a recycled fiber in embossed quality. Our disposable towels are therefore an environmentally friendly alternative to towels.
  • ECONOMICAL: hygienic, economical and easy to remove. Tear-resistant and ideal for paper towel dispensers.
  • RECYCELT: our paper towels are a recycled product and are made from paper that has already been used. Safe and particularly friendly to the environment.
  • VERSILE USE: for toilets, medical practices, offices, events or for private use - our paper towels are used in many ways.

The advantages of our towels compared to the air hand dryer

Our towels are made of recycled goods in embossed quality and have numerous advantages compared to the air hand dryer. First of all, the hygienic aspect should be considered: Our folded hand towel is much more hygienic than the air hand dryer. With him, remaining germs are distributed in the air after washing. The cloth with layer fold in organic quality, on the other hand, absorbs the germs. The time factor should also not go unmentioned: With an air dryer, it takes an average of 45 seconds for hands to dry completely. Our luxury paper towels do it in a third of the time. The electricity costs are also a factor that does not speak in favor of the air hand dryer. So you see, in a direct comparison, our folded paper towels are clearly ahead.

Our raw material sources

Our paper towels are made from recycled material, because nature and especially the forest are close to our hearts. That's why we do everything we can to conserve nature and its resources. Accordingly, we select our raw material sources and have primarily decided on regional suppliers. We make sure that environmental protection is just as important to our partners as it is to us. Unlike other commercially available paper towels, our towels are made from recycled paper fibers and are therefore particularly environmentally friendly.

But why should we pay attention to the forest? It not only offers a habitat for numerous protected animals and plants.It also makes a contribution to environmental protection, because it filters harmful gases from the air. During a walk in the forest you have probably noticed how clear and pure the air is here. The forest is a place of relaxation and recreation and we should do everything we can to ensure that it is preserved. With our products we want to make a contribution to the preservation of our forests. Do you feel the same? Then take a look around our online shop and discover our numerous sustainable products. We look forward to your order!

Our paper towels and their variants

We have already described the advantages of our paper towels to you in detail. It is best to attach the tear-resistant towels in a container on the wall so that you can remove them easily and without any problems. You can install the paper dispenser at home as well as in your company. The paper towels are also perfect for events of all kinds. We offer the 2-ply paper towels in two different colors. One in classic white and one in green.

The Wisefood drying towels: the better alternative to Kleenex

In addition to the paper towels, you will find many more with us sustainable items. Plastic and styrofoam plates have been banned in the EU since July 2021. Our plates are manufactured without a PE/PLA coating and can be safely disposed of in the organic bin or rubbish bin after use. Our kraft paper plates are PE/PLA free and fully biodegradable. They are also cut-resistant and very stable. So if you are planning a larger celebration or event, we can recommend our plates as well as our edible crockery. Here we offer you everything from plates to cups to straws. These edible products are the best sellers in our online shop. Above all, we have been able to sell the edible drinking straws in more than 20 countries worldwide.


What is better: electric hand dryer or paper?
Drying your hands with paper is not only more hygienic, you also save a lot of time. An average of 15 seconds is enough for hands to dry. With an electrically operated dryer, it is about 45 seconds.

What are the paper towels made of?
Our paper towels are made from recycled paper fibers and are therefore sustainable . So only paper that has already been used is used.

Where can you use the Wisefood paper towels?
Each sheet is double-layered and small and the roll fits perfectly a donor. This makes it particularly suitable for your home toilet. But you can also benefit from using sustainable paper towels in companies, at parties or events.

Why is our forest so important?
We should do everything we can to preserve our forests. They are a habitat for countless plants and animals and also serve us as a retreat where we can relax.

Who is Wisefood?
Wisefood once started as a student company. Today the company is based in Garching near Munich and exports products to more than 30 countries worldwide.

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