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Natural air fresheners - without any plastic or chemicals

What is artificial room fragrance made of?

Fragrances have been shown to influence mood and thus general well-being. Unfortunately, you also encounter a multitude of unpleasant odors every day, which stubbornly settle in living rooms, furniture and clothing over time. conventional Fragrance sprays and room deodorants promise a fresh breeze for your home, but actually do exactly the opposite. Artificial flavorings from aerosol cans and fragrance dispensers only mask odors instead of improving the air in the room. Sprays, fragrance gels and the like are not fresh and natural at all. But how do the fragrances actually work?
Room sprays with chemicals and perfume

Bamboo activated carbon filter for natural freshness

But you can breathe easy! The bamboo plant or the natural mode of action of bamboo activated carbon provides you with the optimal alternative here. Whenever simple airing is no longer sufficient, the charcoal effectively neutralizes bad odors instead of covering them up! The freshness all-rounders filter odor particles and bacteria out of the air and trap them. You can use your smart helpers in many different ways, for example to neutralize the smell of sweat in the sports bag or to dry and refresh shoes and boots. That sounds like a pretty good idea! But how do these natural air filters work? During production, the charcoal forms an ultra-fine surface with countless small pores. The fine holes absorb air and guide it into cavities inside the granules. There will be Bacteria and allergens are filtered out and excess moisture is bound . The activated carbon locks in annoying odors and can also purify the air you breathe. Are you wondering whether the bamboo cushions can really be used anywhere? are they!
  • ♻️ Sustainable and long-lasting
    ✨ Made of activated bamboo charcoal
    ✅ Prevents mold and bacteria from forming
    💚 Sustainably packaged
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  • Where can you use natural air filters?

    The environmentally friendly air fresheners are real all-rounders:
    In your own Apartment Musty furniture, cold tobacco smoke or the smell of our pets are particularly unpleasant. The activated charcoal bags help you to bring permanently neutral room air into your four walls. For your home to feel good, you can use the air fresheners with bamboo really put anywhere. The decorative bags also provide a touch of freshness in the bathroom or bedroom and also look really good.
    And do you know the moldy aroma in chest of drawers and wardrobe ? Garments that have been hanging in the closet for a long time quickly become unkempt. So that nothing but clean freshness awaits you when you get dressed, you can use the Bamboo bags with their practical metal eyelets simply hang on your hangers and everything stays fresh!
    And what about the gym bag? No sport without sweat. That much is certain. But you certainly don't want your sportswear to smell like it. Clothing can be washed in the washing machine after each workout, but unfortunately shoes and bags cannot. For the sneakers Therefore, there are extra narrow bags made of bamboo activated charcoal that absorb damp sweat, filter bacteria and even prevent mold. For the sports bag itself, you simply take slightly larger bamboo cushions, which are best left in the bag permanently.
    You want all yours Shoes refresh? No problem! Even normal shoes soon take on an unpleasant odor due to constant wear, sweat and rain. However, since you cannot wash leather shoes, it is also advisable to wash one after each use Put activated charcoal bag l in the footwell to absorb moisture and odors. So the smell of sweat doesn't stand a chance and you're left with nothing but neutral and dry freshness.
    Also in Car that is constantly exposed to damp clothing and wet weather, the activated carbon bags are particularly suitable for binding unwanted odours. If you occasionally have animals in your car, you certainly don't want your whole car to smell like them. a pouch between the seats ensures that the vehicle stays pleasantly fresh on the go.
    In the Kitchen Room fragrances are often used in the refrigerator to mask food odours. More effectively, however, you'll get rid of the various flavors by securely canning or using pungent foods beeswax towels covering The little ones will also help you here for the remaining scented cocktail Bags made of activated bamboo charcoal that bind moisture and absorb bacteria at the same time.

    Sustainable solutions made from bamboo

    The bamboo bags also score points with their extreme longevity! The secret? Once the activated carbon has absorbed enough moisture and particles, it can simply be reactivated in the sun. The warmth of the sun causes the moisture to evaporate. The UV rays loosen trapped bacteria and odors from the fine pores. The activated carbon regenerates itself and is fully operational again after just a few hours. Simply reactivate the activated carbon 1-2 times a month and your air filters will keep everything pleasantly fresh for about 2 years!
    Bamboo charcoal filters the air

    Are air fresheners with activated bamboo charcoal harmful to health?

    No, just the opposite! Natural air filters are completely non-toxic. Since the activated carbon is made purely from ecologically degradable bamboo, it contains no artificial fragrances and therefore no chemical additives or formaldehyde, in contrast to conventional sprays and fragrances. You can even place the odorless filter bags near food without hesitation. They are also ideal for households in which the sensitive needs of allergy sufferers, children and animals must be taken into account. This is not only good for the environment, but also good for your health.

    No plastic waste at all - it's that simple!

    Conventional spray cans and fragrance bottles, together with their elaborate plastic packaging, create an unbelievable mountain of plastic waste. Fragrance dispensers have had their day after just a few days or weeks and are thrown away. These useless disposable products represent an immense burden on our environment. The natural air fresheners, on the other hand, are made of a sustainable and environmentally friendly material: bamboo! The plant grows extremely fast, binds a lot of CO 2 and requires neither fertilizers nor pesticides. This makes the sustainable air purifiers the perfect alternative to single-use plastic products right from the production stage. The air-permeable and breathable bags themselves are made of 100% linen. If after 2 years the effect of the filter slowly wears off, the activated carbon can even be used as a fertilizer in potting soil or simply disposed of in the organic waste bin or on the compost. You can even give the bag a new use with the help of upcycling, for example as a pouch for pens, as a cosmetic bag or as a cherry stone pillow.
    Versatile and reusable
    And where do the activated charcoal bags ensure a really good indoor climate? Please send us a message with your suggestions and ideas. We would also be happy to answer any questions you have about our natural air fresheners!
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