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Wisefood jetzt auch bei der METRO verfügbar - Metro online bestellen

Wisefood now also available at METRO - order Metro online

"No love is more sincere than the love of food." This quote is as true then as it is today. If you prefer to order from Metro Online instead of from us on the website, you can do so. You can find Wisefood products at METRO under the following link:

METRO MARKETPLACE And since eating is no longer just a family affair, but also part of good social etiquette, it is not surprising that the food industry is one of the most important branches of industry in Germany. But a lot has changed. While people used to attach great importance to opulent food, the trend is now towards more minimalistic and healthier variants, and not just for the food, but also for the dishes. Wisefood has been offering sustainable products for private households since 2017. However, so that major customers can also receive our products more quickly and conveniently in the future, we are very pleased that our products can now also be obtained quickly and easily from METRO .

The largest German wholesale chain

Surely you have already driven past a huge blue market with a yellow logo. However, we are not talking about the furniture giant, but the largest German cash & cary chain. With over 100 branches throughout Germany, it is the leading wholesale chain in Germany, followed by its competitors Transgourmet and the Edeka Group. In the 2020/2021 financial year, it recorded global sales of around 24.8 billion euros. It generated this turnover thanks to around 95,100 energetic employees worldwide, who make the shopping experience as pleasant as possible for customers. Sustainability also plays a major role in the Group. The company wants to be climate-neutral by 2040. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, investments of around 1.5 billion euros are planned, which should flow primarily into the energy, cooling and heating infrastructure. There are also plans to make the food healthier and more environmentally friendly. This mainly affects the own brands, but other sustainable third-party brands will certainly also be included in the range. Thanks to the inclusion of Wisefood in the non-food range, a first step towards sustainability has been taken.

Food and non-food for the hotel and catering industry in Germany

Metro is Germany's wholesaler when it comes to supplying the hotel and catering industry. There, restaurateurs and entrepreneurs will find everything they need in terms of food and non-food for their daily business. The range includes around 50,000 articles, of which around 20,000 come from the food category and 30,000 from the non-food category. Here you will find classic foods as well as unusual delicacies. A dream for every gourmet. You can discover the following categories on site: meat and fish, fruit and vegetables as well as fresh herbs, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, dairy products, pasta and much more. A special highlight of every market is the meat department. You'll find everything from Angus to Waguyu here. Choose from the huge range of around 600 items. Our fruit and vegetable department can definitely keep up with a market. The 700 products not only include classics such as apples, carrots or potatoes, which are used almost every day in the kitchen. We also always present exotic fruits as well as seasonal items. Let yourself be inspired by the current offer on your next visit if you are looking for exclusive dishes for your menu. More than just a wholesaler

With over 100 branches in Germany, you are sure to find a store near you. The locations are mainly found near major cities. Some cities even have several locations to enable customers to travel as little as possible. In addition to the classic Cash & Cary markets, a delivery service is now also offered. Customers can conveniently order the goods they need via the online shop 24 hours a day and then have them delivered. This saves valuable time, e.g. B. can be spent with the preparations in the restaurant. Punctual delivery and ultra-fresh goods have top priority.

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  • Registering with the wholesaler has never been easier
    Where previously slips of paper had to be filled out and printed photographs brought along, today digitization is also making a comeback. Registering as a wholesale customer has never been so easy. All you have to do is register online on the website with a business license and upload a picture of yourself. You will then receive your customer card in the mail. This entitles you to shop locally from now on. Private individuals can also shop there, but only online in the web shop. You can simply create a customer account online and start shopping straight away.
    The delivery service is even more convenient than going to the store. For restaurateurs in particular, this offers an enormous time advantage, because every minute counts, especially in the catering trade. It is even easier if only one supplier comes and delivers the required goods instead of many small suppliers, because this also takes additional time. You can order online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you prefer to order via other channels, this is also not a problem. You can also place your order via the app, by phone or by email. The delivery then takes place within 24 hours and there are not even shipping costs. The delivery not only takes place at the usual best price on the market, but also in the highest quality. All this with a guaranteed product availability of 95%.

    This is how you become a delivery service customer
    Registration for the delivery service is also kept as simple as possible for business customers. Do you want to become a customer in the web shop? To do this, you must first fill out a form. You can simply send this by e-mail or give the data over the phone. All you need is your name, business address and a few other contact details. You will then be called back by an employee to create your customer account and determine your needs. Now you can start with your first order. Use your login and you can already buy online. You can conveniently buy everything you need by the next day at the latest online. If you want, you can also use the app, write an email or place your order by phone. No matter how, your goods will be delivered to you within the next 24 hours.

    Which products can be ordered?
    You cannot have all the products that are available in the store delivered to you, because the delivery range only includes around 6,000 products compared to the 50,000 products in the store. Nevertheless, you will not lack for anything, because the delivery range is based on the needs of the target group. Food, non-food and frozen products are offered in equal measure. In addition, the range is constantly being expanded to include seasonal and regional products.

    Who can use the delivery service?
    Anyone who has a regular need for gastro products, including e.g. B. restaurateurs and bulk consumers have the opportunity to have their goods delivered. The delivery service also includes personal customer care.

    When and how often can orders be placed?
    Ideally, you should order the goods you need by 12 noon the day before. As a rule, a smooth and punctual delivery can take place within the next 24 hours. Should some products not be available, an adequate replacement will be offered as requested. The frequency of your orders is not limited. You are welcome to order your entire weekly supply at once or have products delivered to you if you unexpectedly need more than planned.

    Can private customers also shop there?
    Wholesale is primarily reserved for entrepreneurs, restaurateurs and hoteliers. The delivery service and the online shop are also primarily aimed at these B2B target groups. Nevertheless, private individuals now also have the option of shopping in the online shop without having to provide a business license.

    Are Wisefood products also available from other wholesalers?
    We are proud to say that our sustainable products are now also available from Transgourmet or Migros in Switzerland.

    Which Wisefood product is the bestseller in gastronomy?
    Our super straw is particularly popular. This is an edible drinking straw that is particularly popular in hotels, restaurants and bars. It is not only sustainable because it is produced from renewable raw materials, but can also simply be eaten after use. The big advantage for restaurateurs is the cost efficiency, the elimination of cleaning and the protection against theft. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for reusable drinking straws made of glass or stainless steel to become victims of theft, causing financial damage to restaurateurs and bar operators.

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