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Wisefood jetzt auch bei CHEFS CULINAR verfügbar

Wisefood now also available at CHEFS CULINAR

On July 3, 2021, the single-use plastic ban regulation came into force in the EU. Since then, numerous single-use plastic products have been banned. In this way, the legislator wants to tackle the increasing plastic waste and the waste of resources. Sustainable behavior is not new, neither for companies nor for consumers. Wisefood has been producing and selling edible drinking straws and sustainable disposable and reusable products very successfully for years. Especially in gastronomic establishments, environmentally friendly products are in great demand in the restaurant or "to go". The manufacturer of resource-saving products is now also in the range of specialist wholesalers CHEFS CULINAR and ensures more sustainability in the hospitality industry.

Supplier for gastronomy, hotel industry and community catering

The nationwide delivery wholesaler with a full range for catering businesses offers restaurateurs an all-round carefree package. This includes consulting, seminars and software solutions. The specialist wholesale trade can now look back on almost 100 years of company tradition. It all started in January 2023 with the JOMO company in Goch, North Rhine-Westphalia, which supplied canteen kitchens for social institutions with cooking fats. The range was successively expanded and the warehouse was bursting at the seams in the 1970s. The wholesale trade moved to neighboring Weeze and founded the first C&C market CITTI with partners in Kiel.

Expansion and nationwide delivery

The wholesaler quickly expanded and founded other stores in northern Germany. In the 1980s, JOMO and CITTI bundled their competencies under the umbrella of GV-Partner. They concentrated on their target groups of gastronomy, hotels and communal catering. In the 1990s, wholesale expanded in southern Germany and gained RINGEL as a competent partner. With the newly created wholesale delivery business in Zusmarshausen, the company was then present throughout Germany. In 2103, the GV-Partner group renamed itself CHEFS CULINAR ("chefs" = chef and "culinar" = cuisine).

Order Wisefood products from the wholesaler

Catering businesses benefit from the delivery service as registered customers. If you are not yet a customer, fill out the online form on the website or send your contact details by phone or email. A sales representative then contacts the restaurateur and informs him about the product range. In addition to food, the supplier also offers its customers non-food items and seminars to expand their know-how. As a customer, the restaurateur can select his desired delivery date. Customers can order online by phone, email or in the webshop.
  • 🧃 Sustainable edible straws
    🥇 Made in Germany
    🌳 Grain & apple fiber from Germany
    🚫 Plastic-free drinking straws & EU compliant
    🕑 Stable for about 60 minutes - in cold and alcoholic drinks even up to two hours
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  • Registration for the online shop

    Orders in the web shop are possible regardless of opening hours. However, before you can place your first order, you have to register in the shop. The customer can access the online shop via the truck symbol at the top right of the website. The restaurateur needs his customer number and an e-mail address to register. After he has received the welcome e-mail, he can enter his data in the login and use the online shop without restrictions.

    product range

    CHEFS CULINAR offers restaurateurs a full range, whether food (food, drinks) or non-food (clothing, canteen kitchen technology, cleaning agents). The wholesaler sells sustainable products under the slogan "Let's go green". Now Wisefood is also part of the wholesale family. Restaurateurs can now order apple fiber-based edible straws and edible tableware.

    The plus in service

    The wholesaler offers its customers a plus in services. This includes its own academy with further training offers as well as consulting in the fields of business administration, quality and organization. Software solutions for catering management complete the range of services.

    Presence of delivery wholesalers

    The wholesale trade is represented with 8 branches and 23 support points throughout Germany. Thanks to acquisitions and our own logistics, wholesale is also well positioned in the neighboring countries of Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark and Poland. The association also includes Hanseatic Marine Services (HMS).

    Trade fairs and events

    At least once a year, the wholesaler organizes regional in-house exhibitions on trends in catering management. Event tours to culinary hotspots are held for trendsetters and gourmets throughout the year. The accompanied two-day gastronomic trips lead to London, Berlin, Copenhagen or Vienna, for example. Young talents have their own platform: the Young Chefs Battle. The cooking competition is aimed at trainees in their 3rd year of training. What, when, how and where is taking place can be found online on the website under Fairs & Events.


    Which single-use plastic products are banned?
    Since July 2021, disposable plastic products such as cutlery, crockery, stirrers or drinking straws have been taboo. Manufacturers in the entire EU are no longer allowed to produce plastic products. The EU ban on single-use plastics also includes the entire range of styrofoam packaging in the to-go area such as cups and menu boxes. Plastic is frowned upon. This also affects disposable products made of cardboard, some of which contain plastic. Even biodegradable plastics were not spared from the ban. Permitted disposable plastic products such as beverage cups require a label. The manufacturer then warns consumers about plastic waste and the resulting environmental damage. The label also provides information about proper disposal.

    Why is single-use plastic banned?
    For years, the world population has had a major problem with (plastic) waste and wasted resources. The will to do something about the escalating pollution and to live more sustainably has been there for a long time. The implementation alone was difficult. After all, the reasons for the sprawling garbage were quickly found. More and more people consumed their food on the go or had it delivered to their homes. The packaging ended up in the garbage, in nature and finally in the oceans. There, plastic breaks down into microparticles and is ingested with the food of living beings, which is harmful to health. The biggest polluters were single-use products from which an entire industry lived. The EU single-use plastic ban regulation is a small step on the way to "zero waste".

    Why are sustainable products available from wholesalers? Disposable products had developed into a major problem, especially in the catering trade. The to-go business grew more and more, which was also due to the corona pandemic. As a result, plastic waste also increased disproportionately. The aim of the legislator and the suppliers was now to find as many alternatives to plastic as possible. Wisefood quickly became one of the market leaders in the sustainable field. In addition to direct sales, the company uses well-known sales partners. As a leading and award-winning delivery wholesaler, CHEFS CULINAR fits in very well with its own philosophy. The own products are an ideal extension of the wholesale green product line.

    Which sustainable products are online?
    Sustainable edible products perfectly complement the green product range of the wholesaler. Of course, the edible drinking straws are also part of the party. After all, this is how the success story of the sustainable start-up began. Green through and through, the packaging of the drinking straws is also made without plastic. They can be used in any hospitality industry, whether for soft drinks or alcoholic beverages. Available in different lengths, they keep their shape for up to 1 hour in hot drinks and twice as long in cold and alcoholic drinks. The edible crockery sets are a real hit in ice cream parlors and catering establishments. Therefore, they should not be missing in the gastronomic product range. They can be decoratively filled with ice cream, crèmes and finger food. Sweet and semi-sweet bags complete the range and are suitable for every buffet. They are ideal for ice cream, frozen yoghurt or savory mousses. The product range is rounded off by edible chopsticks and spoons.

    What are the products made of?
    The products are made from different raw materials, according to a secret recipe, of course. Apple fiber and grain are often used as the main ingredients. The edible drinking straws are made, for example, from apple fibers, a by-product of apple juice production. Wheat gluten and durum wheat semolina are added for stability. In addition to apple fibre, the stirrers and spoons also contain corn and rice flour. Thanks to the regenerative resources, the products are both sustainable and can be stored for a long time. A decisive criterion for catering establishments.

    Who do the products appeal to?
    The wholesaler covers a wide gastronomic range. For anyone involved in catering management, the products are a sustainable and decorative alternative. Ice cream vendors, hoteliers, restaurateurs, café and bar operators as well as caterers use the edible drinking straws, cups and spoons. They perfectly complement ice cream creations, coffee specialities, cocktails, finger food and buffets. The sustainable edible products are also ideal equipment for environmentally conscious companies. They are a welcome change at company parties, taste good and give you a good conscience.

    What are the advantages of the edible products?
    The pressure on restaurateurs is increasing. End customers now demand environmental awareness and sustainability in all areas. There are many ways to do this, such as reducing packaging, avoiding waste and using biodegradable single-use products. The edible products fulfill all of this. They are made from renewable raw materials. In this way, restaurateurs make their contribution to a clean and healthy environment. The sustainable products have other advantages. They are much more stable than paper dishes. Companies save on cleaning and do not have to worry about breakage. The marketing effect should not be underestimated. Enthusiastic guests share pictures of the unusual drinking straws or cups on social media. This is priceless advertising for any gastronomic establishment.

    How can I order the sustainable edible products online?
    The way to the CHEFS CULINAR online shop is via the truck symbol on the website. Access is possible via desktop, tablet or smartphone. Clicking on it opens the world of indulgence in wholesale. There are two options here: browse the webshop and come across sustainable products, or use the search function. After entering "drinking straw" the super straw appears at the top. One click and the product information opens. If you are already a customer, log in and order. Otherwise, registration is necessary in order to be able to order online. A little tip: Orders can be saved offline in the CHEFS app. Internet access is only required to transfer the order. The free app is available for iOS and Android on iTunes and Google Play.

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