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Biologisch abbaubare Trinkhalme - Ökologische Trinkhalme - Biodegradable Straws

Biodegradable Straws - Ecological Straws - Biodegradable Straws

The drinking straw SUPERHALM from Wisefood GmbH is 100% biodegradable. Biodegradable is English and means biodegradable. More and more plastic alternatives are currently being brought onto the market. Wisefood supplies one of the best alternatives in the field of ecological drinking straws. In this article, we are happy to show you why, because we tested how quickly SUPERHALM can be composted. The following example shows how quickly Wisefood drinking straws can be composted. Normal compost can be used for Wisefood drinking straws. The drinking straws were placed in a bucket with soil, vegetable and fruit peels. Then more earth was poured over it and two of the buckets were poured with water in order to have a comparison between moist earth and dry earth. After just one week, the drinking straws were already very badly decomposed. After two weeks, no remains of the drinking straws could be seen. The drinking straw therefore dissolves completely within just two weeks - regardless of whether it is in rather dry or very humid conditions. The test was carried out in a cool basement. In summer with warm temperatures, the results would be significantly better. We have also carried out tests outdoors, with very good results. Compared to almost all other drinking straw alternatives, the SUPERHALM really does dissolve by itself after a while and leaves no traces. For our experiment in the great outdoors, we placed several SUPERHALM drinking straws on a meadow and observed them. After two weeks, the drinking straws have almost completely decomposed - always depending on rain and sun. However, the drinking straw should normally have dissolved after a maximum of 30 days.
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  • With other drinking straw alternatives such as PLA, industrial composting systems have to be used. In nature, the straws would only decompose after many years and even in the composting plants, the lying times are often not long enough for the material to completely decompose - not a big improvement compared to normal plastic drinking straws. For this reason, PLA drinking straws are also discredited by many customers and companies. Paper drinking straws are also stated as biodegradable, but depending on the thickness of the paper it can take a long time for the drinking straw to dissolve. You want to buy a biodegradable drinking straw or learn more about it. Then take a look at our homepage with numerous customer testimonials or simply click here .
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