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Alternative und nachhaltige Trinkhalme auf einen Blick

Alternative and sustainable drinking straws at a glance

Threatening plastic bans, cloth bags instead of plastic bags and edible straws?

It's no wonder that more and more people are choosing to live plastic-free and regulatory measures are being put in place that entail a plastic ban.
Plastic is a threat to our planet. It not only contains BPA and plasticizers, which have been proven to make us humans ill, but also harms animals and our environment.
Marine animals endure a particularly large part of the suffering caused by this plastic. A good 70% of our earth is covered by water. Unfortunately, plastic waste can be found in almost all parts of the ocean. These are either microplastics, i.e. small plastic particles that have been decomposed for a long time, or even entire plastic parts such as bottles, straws, bags, foils and so on.
This litter poses a mortal threat to marine life, as they often mistake the small parts for food. For example, if fish try to ingest the plastic, they can suffocate in agony. It is just as dramatic when an animal has already ingested so much nutrient-free plastic that it has to starve. With a full stomach! These small parts, which often contain environmentally harmful substances, ultimately get into the human food chain via the fish. The cycle closes.
It's not just microplastics, it's hordes of plastic lids, packaging, and bags that threaten marine life. Plastic drinking straws are particularly harmful. Their use, billions of times, causes enormous environmental damage and threatens marine animals. Due to their size, drinking straws are particularly dangerous for the animals and remain in existence for hundreds of years.
Due to their shape, they can easily attach themselves to body openings, such as the nostrils of turtles, which can seriously injure the animal. Or they are found whole in the stomachs of seabirds. It even gets to the point where birds mistakenly feed their offspring plastic waste from the sea or build their nest out of plastic, which can become a deadly trap. Many animals have to be freed from plastic parts with human help, often with great pain.
These problems and their extent are well known and a good reason for a plastic ban. However, giving up plastic products is not that easy. We encounter them in almost every area of ​​life. From food packaging to PC mice to hangers or shampoo bottles. Finding a replacement is a major challenge that requires creativity and innovative thinking.
While you can easily solve the problem of the large stock of plastic bags by using fabric bags and there are already good plastic-free substitutes for many other products, this is much more difficult with plastic drinking straws.
It is not only important to consider that the desired straw should be environmentally friendly, it must also meet all other customer requirements. Everything from jumbo straws to extra long drinking straws is available on the previous drinking straw market. These not only differ in size, drinking straws are also very different in terms of material and sustainability.
  • 🧃 Sustainable edible straws
    🥇 Made in Germany
    🌳 Grain & apple fiber from Germany
    🚫 Plastic-free drinking straws & EU compliant
    🕑 Stable for about 60 minutes - in cold and alcoholic drinks even up to two hours
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  • With our product, the SUPERHALM, we at Wisefood have developed a new alternative for this market that is easy to nibble on and protects the environment. By using fruit fiber, we can not only prevent unnecessary plastic waste, but also give another waste product a new life. The SUPERHALM is stable in the drink for about 60 minutes and can be eaten after drinking. And should that not happen, it is biodegradable within a few days and is therefore particularly environmentally friendly. Our drinking straw enriches the enjoyment of drinks and draws attention that can be used to convey advertising messages. We have been developing and producing our innovative product since 2017 and are constantly working on improving it. We market our drinking straws to food retailers, to catering establishments such as hotels and restaurants and directly to end customers via our online shop .
    The following articles deal with the different alternatives of plastic drinking straws and give a better overview of how our product performs compared to others.
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