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Nachhaltige Verpackungstipps für Lieferservice, Take Away in der Nähe oder Essen To Go während Corona

Sustainable packaging tips for delivery service, take away nearby or food to go during Corona

We are currently still in the shutdown with the prospect of further extensions. For many industries, this means that the doors will remain closed and that many fear for their existence. Both the culture and gastronomy sectors are severely affected by the Corona Pandemic. It is therefore all the more important that we continue to support them. It doesn't matter whether this happens via donations, delivery service or picking up food. These measures are more than just important, for many companies they are currently the only income. At the same time, the current measures taken during the Corona crisis are creating an extremely large amount of waste, which further pollutes our oceans and contributes to climate change. However, ordering or picking up food is the best way to help struggling food service businesses. That's why we've thought of a few tips for sustainability with delivery service, take-away from restaurants nearby or cocktails to go, which we can all easily implement. This further supports gastronomy and reduces the negative impact on our environment. #supportyourlocal while being sustainable sounds like the best option we have right now.

Tip 1: Avoid to-go cutlery or crockery

It is not possible to eat on site at the moment, as Corona only allows takeaway or delivery service in the catering trade. So it makes sense to simply do without to-go cutlery and use the reusable cutlery from home. If you should eat on the go, you could carry a to-go cutlery set made of bamboo or other more sustainable materials with you. In this way, no more plastic is brought into circulation and catering establishments save the costs for disposable cutlery or crockery. The same applies to to-go cups for coffee or cocktails. As far as hygiene protection allows, it is currently all the more important to take your own to-go products with you as packaging in order to minimize plastic consumption. If that is not possible, there are more sustainable alternatives and ways to work.

Tip 2: Switch to sustainable packaging alternatives

Due to some hygiene requirements, it is not always possible to bring your own to-go cups or packaging during Corona. We have also thought of solutions for these situations. The market is full of more sustainable disposable products like our disposable edible coffee cups . More sustainable alternatives such as our cups or edible drinking straws can avoid unnecessary plastic consumption and thus protect our environment. If the dishes are not eaten, they can simply be disposed of in the organic waste. Our edible, sustainable disposable tableware is 100% compostable, so it decomposes itself after a short time. This tip is therefore not only aimed at the catering establishments themselves who offer take away or to go, but also at consumers at home who want to make a difference want to do. Would you like to get your espresso from the coffee shop nearby? Take an edible cup with you and have a tasty snack afterwards. Zero waste is becoming more and more important, especially in times like this. Apart from the fact that the EU-wide ban on disposable plastic will come into force on July 3rd, 2021, which will encourage a rethink in the catering trade with regard to dishes.

Tip 3: Long-term cooling or keeping the to-go dishes warm

Unfortunately, ice packs and tons of aluminum foil often make the delivery service more of an environmental sin, even if it helps the catering industry. For example, HelloFresh has found a good alternative for . Their cooler bags are made from 100% water, keeping veggies and other ingredients wonderfully cool and fresh. After delivery, you can simply use the water to water plants (of which we all have a few in the living room by now, if we're being honest). The cooler bags are also made from recycled paper and can then be disposed of with the paper waste. This creates a sustainable raw material cycle from renewable raw materials that is kind to the environment. This principle can also be applied to gastronomy. Of course, the easiest way is to take our own means of transport from home. Picking up on foot is a much more sustainable alternative than having it delivered to your home. So maybe first walk to nearby restaurants before ordering from the other side of town via an app.

Tip 4: Try vegan or vegetarian dishes

What we eat and drink also has an eco-balance. Animal products in particular often do not do very well in this balance. On the contrary, according to Greenpeace , global animal husbandry is one of the most important causes of global warming, accounting for around 20 percent of greenhouse gas emissions . On sites like, the CO2 consumption of different foods and dishes on the plate can be calculated. More and more catering establishments are adapting to this very necessary trend and offering at least one vegetarian or vegan dish per day. So why not take advantage of this exceptional situation during Corona and try vegetarian or vegan dishes?
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  • Pragmatic sustainability even in times of Corona

    Of course, these are all just tips and options. None of us is perfect and acts completely sustainably at all times. However, the garbage caused by disposable tableware is an ever-growing problem, which is exacerbated by delivery services and take-away during Corona. Perfection shouldn't be the goal here, but to make it a little bit better every day. Some changes are quicker and easier to implement, others take longer. The current mood of upheaval can also be used at this point to focus more on sustainability in gastronomy, with a special focus on packaging. But we cannot leave the responsibility for this entirely with an industry whose existence is currently threatened anyway. As consumers, we can make a big difference for ourselves and our environment with our small contributions. We hope that these sustainable packaging tips will help you.

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