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4 Tipps für ein nachhaltiges Weihnachten zu Hause in 2020

4 tips for a sustainable Christmas at home in 2020

Christmas is just around the corner and like almost the whole of 2020, it will also take place exclusively at home. Despite the actual contemplation at home, many still fall into the Christmas stress and maybe even a bit into the consumption trap. So an uncomfortable Christmas is also inevitable in this somewhat different year 2020. Here are four tips for you that will lead to a relaxed and at the same time sustainable Christmas at home.

Resource-saving Christmas tree for the home

On the 24th, quickly get a tree and hope that it looks reasonably nice. That's the motto for most people when it comes to the Christmas tree. However, many do not know that this is not very sustainable . There are also exciting tree alternatives for the home that protect the environment. An example of this are, for example, wooden trees, which can also be purchased from small businesses. These trees are decorative and are reused every year. So you don't have a problem with needles everywhere and, with good care, you only have to get the Christmas tree out of the basement every year. However, if you don't want to do without the scent of needles at Christmas, you can look around for a living tree from the area. In Berlin, for example, you can order a living tree from WunderTree . After the holidays, WunderTree will simply pick it up again and plant it in a nearby forest. So, despite the Christmas tree, there will be one more tree and not one less, which contributes to our ecological balance. In addition, even a Zero Waste Christmas can be organized at home, which of course we only welcome. However, you have to be a little careful when keeping it so that the tree does not dry out and can be planted again. For the minimalists among us, a Scandinavian paper tree would also be a good alternative. Not only does it look stylish, it can also be purchased from smaller shops. This is how you support the German creative industry, which could use any help in 2020, especially at Christmas.
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  • Sustainable holiday food: vegan and vegetarian Christmas recipes

    Another sustainable insider tip are vegan and vegetarian Christmas recipes. It doesn't always have to be the classic roast goose, vegan nut or seitan roasts can also cut a fine figure on the festive table. If you like it classic, you can even switch to vegan sausages and potato salad. If vegan is still too brave for you, you can choose from fine cheese platters or vegetarian cabbage rolls. There are endless possibilities to act more sustainably at Christmas dinner and to enjoy at the same time. Recipes abound both online and in cookbooks, which, by the way, always make a great Christmas present as well.

    Ecological Christmas tree decorations easily made at home

    We have known for a long time that tinsel is not particularly environmentally friendly. But other tree decorations made of plastic also pose a challenge to our environment. This Christmas we are at home a lot the days before. So why not use the time and simply make the tree decoration yourself? This is a great activity to keep the kids entertained and can also be given as a Christmas gift. Salt dough trailers are particularly suitable for this, especially when children are involved. Simply make a dough out of water, salt and flour and bake it into shape. The dough can then be painted and decorated as desired. Dried oranges or oranges with cloves are also ideal as tree decorations and are a nice activity for a Christmas afternoon at home. In addition, the whole room smells quite fitting to the Christmas spirit. The most sustainable alternative, however, are still simply cookies. You can simply poke holes in the classic shortcrust pastry cookies and then thread them on. Gingerbread men are also wonderful as tree decorations and still taste really good after the holidays. This protects the environment and the tree still looks great.

    Sustainable gift ideas for everyone

    For many, gifts and sustainability don't seem to go together at first. However, there are many ways to make sustainability a priority at Christmas and to give resource-saving gifts. We have collected some nice ideas for Christmas 2020. Homemade is at the top of the list. Whether soap, Christmas tree decorations, photo albums or homemade hand cream, you are happy about each of these things and can combine it with a cozy Christmas film on the couch. Smaller shops or online shops can also be supported here if you buy the necessary materials there. But this year we are even more inclined to give away time to our loved ones. Whether it's concerts in 2022 or vouchers for the ailing gastronomy industry, time is always a good idea. If 2020 has shown us anything, it's that social distancing is a challenge. We look forward to being close again soon and spending time together in person. So why not show that in the Christmas gifts this year? Last but not least, the hits this year are probably the things that you can always use in 2020. Both sustainable disinfectant and fabric masks are at the top of our wish list. Many are not even aware of the waste that can be caused by disinfectants or plastic masks. So why not look for (of course tested) more sustainable alternatives? Especially with regard to masks, small tailors or retail shops can be supported, which have built up a second mainstay with the masks during the corona crisis. We try to integrate #supportyourlocal into all areas of life as best we can. Despite everything, Christmas 2020 at home can still be made sustainable and, above all, beautiful. So we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year 2021!
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