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Single-use food packaging: sustainable solutions

Unfortunately, our oceans are rightly called the "Earth's drain". 12.7 million tons of plastic end up there alone and not on landfills - every year. The damage that comes mainly from food packaging and that we are doing to our ecosystem is becoming more and more irreparable. 100% of all newborn saltwater turtles carry plastic particles in their stomachs. As of this year, the percentage of plastic in our oceans is even higher than the percentage of fish that live in them. The time to act is not just now. It is therefore all the more important to catch up on missed opportunities as quickly as possible and to integrate sustainable single-use packaging for food into everyday life.

Why sustainable solutions are needed - Protect Planet Earth

environmental pollution

Plastic is not biodegradable. What we consume today will still be floating around somewhere in the world 400 years from now if it is not recycled. And that with every single piece of packaging that you use every day. Therefore protect planet earth! Take care of yourself and remember how much garbage you actually produce every day. However, the space that the earth has to store the plastic waste from food packaging in landfills on land is limited. Statistics show that since 1980, in just 40 years, plastic waste has quadrupled by 2020. We currently produce around 200 million tons of plastic waste. If this number increases exponentially at the same rate over the next forty years, then in the year 2050 we will produce around 1800 tons of plastic waste. Unless a global and all-encompassing solution is found, we will soon be suffocating in our plastic food packaging.

contaminated plastic

The solution to the problem is by no means simply to recycle plastic. Because more and more studies are drawing attention to the fact that plastic is fully enriched with chemical and highly toxic substances, which they release into the food itself via the packaging. Research on this is in its infancy - but it is already agreed that the chemicals in plastic food packaging not only promote obesity, but also cause cancer and cardiovascular disease in particular. Even containers made of paper are coated with plastic on the surface so that the food and sauces do not disintegrate the container. But here, too, there are highly toxic substances in the packaging. So the solution to the problem is plain and simple: plastic should not only be reduced, but avoided as much as possible. As a result, some major cities in the United States have already banned certain containers containing these substances. The food industry must therefore now consider which plant-based alternatives it can use to produce disposable food packaging.

Changing consumer needs

Pollution and health issues are not the only two reasons why companies should definitely switch to sustainable solutions. The food trends in the food industry show that consumers are also becoming more and more aware of the situation and are therefore adapting their consumption needs. Customer demands are therefore moving towards more demanding ethical attitudes that they expect from operators. You want personalized care. In addition, the place where they dine should focus on quality, sustainable management and, above all, positive environmental effects. Therefore, companies that are now switching to sustainable single-use packaging have caught the spirit of the times and can thus attract many new customers.

The advantages of sustainable single-use packaging

Apart from the fact that our descendants also want something from the beautiful planet, there are many reasons to invest in sustainable single-use packaging for food.
  • Depending on the type of product, costs can be reduced here. Our production eliminates long transport routes and expensive containers.
  • In addition, you guarantee your customers a larger range of choices, which means that you can adapt and orient yourself perfectly to individual wishes and needs. Because even with sustainable food packaging, taste, appearance, origin or design can be varied and adapted to the customer group.
  • It is particularly important that you can increase loyalty to your brand with these ecological and sustainable products. By making customers feel good about buying your products while also doing something for the planet, you increase the positive experience and customers are more likely to come back.

Wisefood offers solutions

Eat not only your food, but the packaging or the cutlery at the same time! At Wisefood, nature and the environment are particularly important to us. That's why we founded a start-up that deals with providing other businesses in the food industry with sustainable single-use products for food consumption .


Protect planet earth with Wisefood's edible straws and pasta straws.
  • 🧃 Sustainable edible straws
    🥇 Made in Germany
    🌳 Grain & apple fiber from Germany
    🚫 Plastic-free drinking straws & EU compliant
    🕑 Stable for about 60 minutes - in cold and alcoholic drinks even up to two hours
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  • Our most popular product is the SUPERHALM. We have developed an edible straw made from apple pomace and other sustainable raw materials. Because in the US alone, more than 500 million plastic straws are used every day, which then pollute our oceans. According to a study by National Geographic, that's 8.3 billion plastic straws around the world that, due to their lightness, are quickly blown away by the wind and carried from landfills into the ocean - if they weren't dumped there right away. That's 8.3 billion straws a year that we can make history with our invention of sustainable food packaging. Our SUPERHALM is manufactured under the highest quality standards. We use apple pomace from local apple juice production to reduce CO2 emissions during transport at the same time. In addition to the apple pomace, the SUPERHALM consists of stevia and grain. The grain gives the stalk its stability. For the most part, it doesn't taste like anything in drinks unless you eat it. Then you will notice the slightly sweet and sour taste of the apple. Whether used in hot or cold beverages, the SUPERHALM takes on the flavor of the liquid being drawn through it. So you don't have to worry about the straw itself imparting flavor to the drink. In the drink itself, the SUPERHALM remains stable for a long time. In cold drinks, it can be left for more than an hour before softening slightly. In hot drinks, stability decreases after about 10 to 25 minutes. In contrast, the drinking straws can be stored dry in their packaging for up to two years.

    More sustainable items from Wisefood

    In addition to the various drinking straws in different lengths, sizes and colors, we also offer chopsticks. You can also purchase cake pop sticks, edible disposable stirrers and edible spoons for ice cream and dessert from us . Meanwhile, we are working on more innovative single-use food packaging to sustainably protect our environment and make the earth a cleaner planet. If you are interested, we also offer pasta / macaroni drinking straws.
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