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Nachhaltige Geschenke liegen voll im Trend

Sustainable gifts are very trendy

Plastic flood, resource waste and climate change will force us to rethink in the future. Gastronomy or the hotel industry must get away from the plastic culture that has been cultivated up to now. Many restaurateurs are already setting a good example with their take-away dishes. Online companies such as Wisefood , which have received multiple awards, have already made a breach here.

In the catering sector, the ecological concept of the young Garching-based company was already convincing.
Edible drinking straws , edible waffle bowls for fries or disposable plates made of wheat bran - all of this can be bought today as a matter of course.
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    💯 100% vegan and free from paraffins and toxic pollutants
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  • Good ideas with a sustainability bonus are the order of the day

    Ignorant people are amazed at the ingenious ideas that have already been put into practice. When it comes to the brainstorming of young eco-friendly entrepreneurs, some things sound like crazy. But even futuristic concepts have helped start-ups with an environmental focus. In the near future, no company will be able to afford not to consider sustainability.

    The Wisefood team has rightly developed an enthusiastic clientele in the gastronomic sector. From edible straws to edible sushi chopsticks, the young company offers sustainable alternatives to conventional plastic tableware. But there is nothing wrong with making the next children's birthday party, camping holiday or family picnic much more sustainable with Wisefood ideas.

    Giving gifts along these lines is a good idea. If the idea of ​​sustainability receives more attention in the future, gifts for the birth of a child will already be selected in terms of resource protection, recyclability, reusability and biodegradability.

    Sustainability is the new consideration

    Only yesterday people who gave sustainable gifts were considered eco-freaks. Today they are the pioneers of a rethink. This will soon encompass all women and men. If gastronomy or the fashion industry increasingly changes direction, sustainability will soon be taken for granted. Those who want to give sustainable gifts will no longer buy from Amazon, but from the Avocadostore. Restaurateurs who think ahead are already relying on reusable or environmentally friendly alternatives. Plastic forks and environmentally harmful "coffee-to-go" cups at city festivals are being replaced by sustainable solutions.

    Everyone can and must help to ensure that this beautiful planet is preserved for us. It is in our hands to make our own lifestyle more sustainable and climate-friendly. The idea of ​​only buying sustainable gifts is a good start. Conveying a contemporary message through beauty has great seductive power. She convinces even skeptical contemporaries that the quality of such gifts is competitive. The fact is that there is already everything that supports people in rethinking.

    Hundreds of small and large companies have already committed themselves to resource and climate protection as well as the idea of ​​sustainability. Nowadays there are even more and more online shops for plastic-free or unpackaged goods. An example of a plastic-free online shop is Monomeer .

    Sustainable and plastic-free - let's avoid waste!

    For years, the online magazine "Utopia" has also ensured that the idea of ​​sustainability is established as a matter of course in all areas of life. Such products can also be found at online giants like Amazon - but in view of the sheer mass of offers, these are not easy to find. In addition, this provider stands for exploitation and tax avoidance. The Amazon logarithms also favor one's own interests. Cheap goods from the Far East or fake dealers also do not really speak for an interest in sustainability.

    The zero-waste idea is currently ensuring that more and more cities are joining the effort to avoid waste. The first unpackaged store for loose groceries was set up in Kiel seven years ago. Other stores with a similar concept in other German cities have since followed suit. Farm shops are also ideal shopping destinations and gift addresses for environmentally conscious people.

    For a long time now, godparents have stopped giving away silver cutlery as a dowry basis for the birth of a child. They prefer to present the proud parents with a savings book from an eco-bank. They prefer to give away sustainable baby fashion or cuddly toys made of chemical and plastic-free materials. Pollution must be stopped. Outdated traditions of giving are now being discarded in favor of new trends. With vouchers from sustainable online shops, donors can set positive signals.

    Curiosity is often a good seducer. It has persuasive power when the recipient gets to know environmentally friendly alternatives. With a convincing utility value and high quality, such gifts are more easily tempted to rethink than arguments.

    Sustainability when giving

    Buying sustainable gifts for children, men and women is no longer a problem today. Even Otto-Versand now has sustainably produced clothing or furniture. The question, however, is how far the idea of ​​sustainability goes. If you really want to shop sustainably, you should stick to online shops that follow this idea with all consistency. Half-heartedness or alibi protection of resources are not enough. The birth of every sustainable company or fashion label deserves congratulations.

    The use of apple peels, pineapple fibers or coffee for sneakers that are biodegradable is already well advanced. Giving such things away can do valuable persuasion. A small bag of bee seeds in guerrilla seed bombs does the trick as a little give-away, too. Even small gifts stimulate thought. They may also plant the idea that useful gifts could also be suitable for children's birthday parties. Sustainable gifts and environment-related play ideas are ideal learning material, especially for children who are receptive and curious.

    In the future, family picnics can be turned into a whole new kind of experience with plates, cups, cutlery and straws from Wisefood. In the end, almost the entire picnic crockery can be eaten. The same idea can turn children's birthday parties into an eco-event. Beautiful gifts with a sustainability bonus are no longer the exception. Not only the avocado store is preparing to compete with giants like Amazon or Ebay when it comes to fashion or gifts. Trendy eco-sneaker labels like Veja or Ethletic show sporting goods giants like Adidas or Puma how resource conservation or recycling can be implemented in shoe fashion.

    If someone wants to give away sustainable fashion, they can easily access the trendy brands in this area at the Avocadostore. It doesn't have to be sustainable luxury fashion from Stella McCartney. Small and large gifts for every occasion can also be found as an inexpensive alternative. Fashion and toys for children shouldn't make the mountains of rubbish even higher. The sustainable competitors made of hemp or cotton, wood or cork stand for the idea of ​​putting resource and environmental protection first in all areas of life.

    Sustainable gifts to make yourself

    When it comes to giving away sustainable gifts, everyone can do a surprising number of things themselves: from self-made chocolates to organic cosmetics from our own production to upcycling denim skirts, DIY is the trend. The DIY area is already enriched with books on almost every upcycling topic. At Smarticular there are several books on how to make your own cosmetics, cleaning products or frequently used kitchen ingredients.

    Neck pouches or shoulder bags can be sewn from worn-out jeans. Many instructions for upcycling gifts can be found in books. Men and women with a talent for craftsmanship make decorative lamps from old glass bottles. Potentially, someone could also make everything that is available to buy in the Wisefood online shop. But with some things you should perhaps leave the field to experienced professionals.

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