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Innovative Verpackungen für Lebensmittel

Innovative packaging for food

Pack food – without any plastic

Avoiding plastic packaging material in your own home is more than a current trend on various blogs. Yes, it's on everyone's lips under the buzzword zero-waste-living and it's also a bit hip. But everyone can really do something to protect our environment by changing small habits!

At Wisefood, we are wholeheartedly committed to this goal. Packaging food without plastic is our credo. But is that really possible? In the following blog article, the reader learns something about possible packaging alternatives for food.

Possibilities for industrial food transport are presented. But also alternatives for private use at home. Finally, you will learn how our products can advance your start-up or business. A positive image comes with our innovations free of charge. Because environmentally friendly companies are becoming more and more popular. The market for it is growing.

Logistics but environmentally friendly. Does it really work to bring food to the customer in an environmentally friendly way? Yes, because there are already innovative solutions for shipping! An ecological cool box, for example the one from “easy2cool”, works like a small fridge. The cool box consists entirely of cardboard leftovers from industrial production. The "ecocool" box is also able to transport food cool with 100 percent natural raw materials. Styrofoam packaging is therefore a thing of the past.

Find out more about other new trends in this area here and now in this blog article. But first, one more question: why is it so important to reduce our plastic consumption?

What dangers does plastic pose - What damage does plastic cause?

Why is it so bad for the environment to wrap food in plastic?
Every piece of plastic that doesn't end up in the right garbage cans threatens to end up in our oceans. Instead of being recycled, the waste is transported into rivers by wind and rain. He then gets over the estuaries into the open sea. Where the often brightly colored parts are misinterpreted as food. Or they break down into smaller and smaller particles, but are not completely broken down. This creates so-called microplastics, i.e. particles that are smaller than 5 mm.
These tiny particles floating in the sea pose a threat to our environment, that is obvious. The garbage patches, large floating islands full of garbage, threaten our wildlife if accidentally ingested for food. The animals starve miserably despite apparently full stomachs. But plastic is not only a danger to our fauna.
Microplast residues threaten our own health and that of our children. Because additives and plasticizers in plastic are toxic. They are not degraded just because the plastic breaks down into the smallest microplastic components!
What new solutions for packaging food in industry, gastronomy and in your own household without plastic are there now?
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  • Packing groceries at home – private households free of plastic?

    What is the best way to pack your groceries at home? Maybe you already know or use alternatives. Perhaps you are already avoiding cosmetics that contain microplasts, for example in shower scrubs and toothpastes. There are already alternatives from various natural cosmetics manufacturers. Their series then contain natural peelings made from nut shells or ground apricot or olive kernels for the same care effect.
    What else is there? Some companies are already offering packaging alternatives for films. Beeswax covers are not vegan but are a valuable alternative to cover food at home. They also keep bread and cakes or bread for school and office fresh. There are also paper lunch bags or hard-shell breakfast boxes made from bamboo fibers.
    One measure definitely helps in your own household: drinking pure tap water. In this way countless plastic bottles can be avoided. It can still fizz when drinking. There are special water conditioners that add carbonic acid to the water. Also pay attention to the production here, there are alternatives made of stainless steel.
    You can also make sure to buy regional products. It is best to buy these unpackaged. There are markets or regional greengrocers for this, but also many existing bulk shops. After such a purchase, your own refrigerator also looks really great and healthy.
    You simply take your own bags and bags or containers with you. Cloth bags, stainless steel containers, glasses and cans are popular in zero-waste households, but they are also expensive to produce. They must therefore be used frequently and regularly in order to reduce your own ecological balance.
    Our offer has the advantage for you that everything is completely biodegradable and can even be consumed. Our consumable drinking straws therefore definitely belong in your own cutlery box at home. They are even available in two versions. With this and with our other products, we also have a lot to offer for an environmentally friendly picnic.
    How is a completely ecological picnic supposed to work? One can ask. Wisefood has also developed solutions for cutlery, disposable plates and cups that really inspire. These are also suitable if you work professionally with food.

    Which solutions we offer for the food industry

    If you are a restaurateur, self-employed in the catering trade or have a start-up that sells food, you need environmentally friendly small packaging these days. Even a business that is full of hype, for example with “food trucks”, can use our packaging. Because they not only avoid huge amounts of waste. These special packaging alternatives automatically give your company a pure image. Firstly, you are up to date and secondly, you are at the forefront of the plastic-free "wave".
    With our variety of fully biodegradable products for food, you've come to the right place. Our plates and cups are ideal for working at street festivals or on food trucks or, for example, food stands in large amusement parks. All of our products are theoretically edible, so definitely completely compostable.
    Cutlery is of course also required. Avoid mountains of plastic waste in your business by offering our edible spoons to your customers. If you want to be up to date, you cannot avoid our environmentally friendly alternatives.
    We also have other ecological drinking tubes on offer. Just try our pasta straws together with your customers.
    We can offer the right packaging to anyone who works in the catering industry or trades in food. Good for the environment and good for your own social conscience.
    In conclusion, it can be stated: Food without plastic is definitely possible. As described above, it already works in many areas. Innovative companies are finding solutions against the plastic in our seas and rivers. We should not underestimate the already existing microplastics in our waters!

    Let's stop its further spread and pollution together. Help us with your commitment! Together we can make a difference and advance the valuable use of our resources. The best way to get an overview of all Wisefood products is to look at our favourites . These bestsellers can take your business to the next level.

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