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Corona und die Gastronomie: Überblick über aktuelle Auflagen und nachhaltige Konzepte rund um Weihnachten

Corona and gastronomy: Overview of current requirements and sustainable concepts for Christmas

A lot is uncertain at the moment. The flood of information about new Corona regulations and requirements is getting bigger and more confusing. The various regulations are also not always obvious, especially when it comes to Corona, gastronomy and the hotel industry. A lot has happened over the past nine months and the next few weeks will remain exciting. Especially with a view to Christmas and New Year's Eve, many restaurateurs are waiting for clear conditions or help, since the Christmas business is all the more important this year.
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  • Corona as an opportunity

    Nevertheless, many catering establishments use the time to change and look for positive influences. Many are trying to make their businesses more sustainable and are implementing green concepts in their everyday lives. Here you will find an overview of current requirements as well as ideas on how to act sustainably in gastronomy despite the Corona Pandemic or how a lasting positive change can occur.

    Full shutdown until January 10th

    Due to the current situation, on 13.12. 2020 a complete lockdown starting on Wednesday, December 16th. This means that restaurants and hotels will also be closed until at least mid-January. In line with this, the November aid can be applied for since November 25th , 2020 , which has also been extended into December. This is good news, especially for the self-employed, especially since the current status is that there will be no Christmas business this year. You can read more about it here and calculate the first calculations.

    Exceptions to public holidays and Christmas?

    Eating Christmas goose like every year at your favorite host or just getting a quick pizza on Boxing Day? What the situation looks like over the holidays has not yet been finally clarified . The federal and state governments are currently keeping this question open and are observing the further course of infection. So far, however, we are in full lockdown from Wednesday. In addition, in the event of an opening, the permitted concepts are tied to the respective federal state and can vary accordingly. At this point, it is important to stay up to date and informed if and when policy changes will be announced.

    #supportyourlocal initiatives and concepts

    For many catering establishments, the current regulations are not only a challenge, but also put their existence to the test. But precisely because of all these difficulties, there seems to be a particularly strong bond within the gastronomy and hotel industry. A lot of social attention is also being paid to our industry and there are numerous state-independent initiatives and concepts to support our ailing gastronomy and hotel industry during the Corona Pandemic.
    Especially on the social networks under #supportyourlocal and #supportyourlocalgastro there are many tips and ideas on how to support your local gastronomy. supportyourlocal is also an initiative that helps with this . Vouchers can be purchased there from more than 6,500 favorite shops and restaurants, which can then be redeemed after the closures. This is how the businesses remain and you can look forward to delicacies even after the pandemic. In addition, many restaurants are still open for delivery or take away. This will remain the case until January 10th. So keep your eyes peeled when you're out and see if you might spot one or two new takeaway restaurants.

    More sustainable gastronomy concepts during the Corona Pandemic

    Of course, the delivery and take-away measures are a great help for local gastronomy. However, the hygiene regulations and a lot of packaging pose a challenge in terms of sustainability. That is why we have put together a few measures that can be easily taken by both restaurateurs and customers even during the pandemic and that protect our environment in the long term. This also makes sense with a view to the upcoming ban on disposable plastic from July 2021 and could represent one of the positive developments from the Corona Pandemic, which we can currently use.

    Sustainable hygiene measures in gastronomy

    Disinfectants and masks have been on everyone's agenda for months. However, what many do not know is that both can have a negative impact on the environment. Disposable plastic masks in particular are often thrown on the floor or not disposed of appropriately. Sustainable masks made of fabric provide a remedy, which (of course after appropriate cleaning) can be used countless times. These can also be bought locally from tailor shops or other small businesses. This not only protects the environment for large orders such as for an entire company, but also supports smaller companies that use the masks, for example, as a second mainstay during the pandemic.

    Climate-friendly menus and climate plates

    Many catering establishments also use the quieter time during Corona to fine-tune their concepts or menus. This is a great opportunity to make the food offering more sustainable. For example, climate-friendly menus can be created that focus more on seasonal fruit and vegetables. This may sound a bit confusing or complicated at first, but various initiatives are making it much easier. The initiative and Wisefood partner GreenTable , which has developed a climate app, can help with this. With this climate app, a so-called climate plate can be put together, in which particular attention is paid to CO2 emissions. In addition, the ecological footprint of food can be viewed. In this way, catering establishments can pay attention to the CO2 footprint of their dishes. In addition, they can also mark KlimaTeller as these on their cards. This has a positive marketing effect and informs guests about more sustainable alternatives to other dishes. In this way, a menu can also be made sustainable for Christmas or offered during Corona To Go. In line with this, catering establishments can also switch to more sustainable packaging alternatives, which are particularly helpful during the many take-away operations due to Corona in order to avoid unnecessary plastic consumption. For example, our SUPER STRAWS , which are made from renewable raw materials and residues, are ideal for cocktails. You can also find other sustainable, edible disposable tableware in our shop . The time leading up to and around Christmas will be different and challenging this year, but together we can use the time to create more sustainable gastronomy.

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