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Gastro Trends: Das sind die Gastronomie Trends 2021 nach Corona!

Gastro trends: These are the gastronomy trends 2021 after Corona!

The last eight months of 2020 flew by. The corona -related quarantine that both our customers and we had to adhere to makes us believe that 2020 cannot possibly be over yet. And with the number of cases increasing sharply again, an end to the Covid 19 pandemic seems all the more urgent. A ray of light on the horizon are the gastro trends for 2021 . Eating well has always been an important part of our society and more and more guests are starting to question the restaurants behind the food. We have dealt with the gastro trends for the coming year to give an insight into the gastronomy after Covid-19!  

Wellness meets food

It started way before Covid 19 when the wellness industry was booming. In the meantime, it has become a trend that the gastronomy also has to face up to. Customers want functional ingredients that come from nature and have been carefully prepared without any additives. The food should ideally be gluten- and sugar-free and at the same time promote intestinal health with probiotic bacteria. All in all, the gastro trend is "main thing healthy". Wellness meets Food is one of the Gastro Trends 2021 , which aims to heal and strengthen the consumer from within with every meal.


You can find her everywhere on Instagram. Healthy and colorful food is arranged particularly nicely in a small bowl with a lot of imagination and love. Therefore, the bowls not only look incredibly great, but also introduce the customer to a particularly healthy taste after Corona. The great thing about the bowl gastro trend is that you can mix and match as you like. There is no rule as to which ingredients must be used together. The cook can express himself as creatively as the consumers let him.

food exchange

One of the biggest gastronomic trends that will be found not only in supermarkets but also in restaurants after Covid 19 is alternative products. They replaced conventional fast food products with a healthy alternative. According to surveys, in 2019 pizzas using cauliflower as a grain substitute in the bottom sold 650 times more than in the previous year. Black beans and sweet potatoes, used as a substitute for french fries, are also more popular than ever. Their demand saw a 513% increase in the restaurants. It's a similar story with miso pork ramen and the sale of burgers that use chicken instead of pork or beef. In general, the trend is towards plant-based foods on the plate instead of meat and dairy products. Again, the ulterior motive is the preservation of our planet and one's own health.

Increasing digitization of restaurants after Corona

Ever more comprehensive digitization is hardly as visible to customers as it is at the airport, in malls or similar public places. At the terminals, you can see that the restaurants and bars have installed tablets on the tables everywhere. This should protect anonymity, save the waiters work and make it easier for the customer to order. But the digitization of the catering industry as part of the catering trends goes far beyond the use of tablets. Studies announce an increase in sales and the staff also benefit, because if the tip can be paid via app or tablet, it increases by a whopping 11% . The restaurateurs benefit in that they can optimize processes for their business, attract new guests and save costs at the same time.
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  • Online pre-orders

    There are more and more startups that allow customers to pre-book a table at your favorite restaurant from home when they flock back to the establishments after Corona . This prevents long queues and you are guaranteed to get a good seat. Most of these apps still lack cooperation with the respective restaurateurs. An advantage for the restaurants is that they can create a digital table plan and easily keep track of the occupancy and the guests.

    Orders via tablet

    Your waiters will know the customers who absolutely cannot decide. Taking orders digitally has the advantage that companies not only save their staff walking, but can also show the customer more photos of the dishes and the offers at the same time. This makes it much easier for the customer to imagine something under the exclusive names and dishes. The kitchen can also work faster because the order goes directly to the chef himself. The restaurants score above all with speed.

    More modern payment methods

    Paying with cards and small change is a thing of the past. Online banking and the digitization of banks are now so advanced that cashless payments are becoming more and more common. This also includes cardless payments. Restaurants that enable their customers to pay online very quickly with their cell phone or to do billing via app will definitely be among the customer favorites after Covid 19 and will be another of the Gastro Trends 2021 .

    Sustainability as A&O for the future of gastronomy

    In fact, it is not that difficult to do business sustainably in the catering industry. It is important to more and more customers not only to nourish the soul, spirit and stomach, but also to keep our beautiful green planet alive at the same time. Single-use plastic should be avoided more and more, while the products should be just as durable and taste natural as before. And so it is the consumers who have initiated and driven the fundamental change from a throwaway society to sustainable management in restaurants. The products that are sold in the catering establishments should now be ethical and for the benefit of the community.

    Edible tableware

    Engaged and constantly demanding socially and environmentally conscious consumers are what inspired chefs and kitchens to reduce, recycle and reuse products. And politicians also share the same opinion as consumers. One of the legally regulated Gastro Trends 2021 is the official ban on plastic straws. We at Wisefood thought about the future early on and produce edible tableware from apple fibers and other renewable raw materials. In order to avoid plastic waste in the future and to improve the recycling of waste in the food industry, we have concluded contracts with various companies that allow us to buy up apple pomace. In apple juice production, an average of 1.6 kilos of apples are needed for one liter of juice. In 2019, the average German drank almost 7 liters of apple juice a year. That makes a per capita consumption of about 11 kilos of apples. We buy up the apple pomace left over from apple juice production and use it to make climate-neutral and, above all, tasteless, edible tableware.
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