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Glas Trinkhalme - Eine ressourcenschonende Alternative?

Glass drinking straws - A resource-saving alternative?

Glass drinking straws are another alternative to environmentally harmful plastic drinking straws. With sand, as a raw material for glass production, they are significantly more environmentally friendly than drinking straws made from petroleum. Glass drinking straws not only reduce dirt, but are also significantly higher quality and more elegant than conventional drinking straws. They are also very durable and, in contrast to conventional drinking straws, can be used several times. Since glass drinking straws are not so widespread, they are usually not sold in normal shops, but via online shops like Amazon. Despite the many good sides, you have to consider that there is an additional cleaning effort that you are not used to with conventional drinking straws. In addition, there is the worrying problem, especially for catering establishments, that the glass straws are often stolen by customers due to their noble appearance. The acquisition costs of such a drinking straw are many times higher compared to plastic or paper drinking straws. Therefore, the problem of theft should not be neglected. Although glass drinking straws are relatively robust, there is still a risk of breakage. Of particular concern are children who may be seriously injured if the drinking straw breaks or splinteres. Despite the problems of use, the glass drinking straw remains more sustainable than the conventional plastic drinking straw. Thanks to the recycling of residues from apple juice production, our SUPERHALM is not only more environmentally friendly and resource-saving than glass, it is also edible and offers a unique drinking experience. In contrast to glass, which has to be painstakingly extracted from sand, the resources of our product can be sourced and produced directly in Germany. This saves long transport routes, which in turn cause a number of pollutants and additionally burden our climate.
  • 🧃 Sustainable edible drinking straw set
    🥇 Made in Germany and Italy
    🦁 Known from "The Lion's Den" (DHDL)
    🚫 Plastic-free drinking straws & EU compliant
    🕑 Stable for about 60 minutes - in cold and alcoholic drinks even up to two hours
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  • Our drinking straws made from renewable raw materials enrich the enjoyment of the drink with a fruity snack and impress with their smell, feel and taste. The one-time use eliminates the cleaning effort without polluting the environment. This guarantees the consumer an easy application without any additional work. With regional production and recycling of waste materials, we strive for a positive climate balance.
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