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Wisefood ist "Top 50 To Watch by Cleantech Group"

Wisefood is "Top 50 To Watch by Cleantech Group"

Wisefood was recognized by the Cleantech Group as one of the top 50 startups worldwide. The Cleantech Group award is given annually to promising start-ups with a high impact. The results are published in an annual report. The German startup Wisefood was honored in Paris for the edible drinking straws based on renewable raw materials by Jules Besnainou, Director Cleantech Group.
  • Edible Party Cocktail Set (Straw, Stirrer, Tumbler)

    🧃 Sustainable edible party cocktail set
    🥇 Innovation from Germany
    🦁 Startup known from "Die Höhle der Löwen" ( DHDL)
    🚫 Products according to the new EU law
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    The party cocktail set includes our edible and sustainable cocktail stirrers, shot glasses and straws. Our sustainable, edible shot glasses, stir... View full details
  • The 50 to Watch program was launched after a ten-year success story of the Cleantech Group in order to draw attention to early-stage companies in the field of sustainability at an early stage. It is divided into six different areas in which the awards are given. These include: food, energy technology, mobility or agriculture. Wisefood CEO Philipp Silbernagel spoke at the 50 to Watch Summit on November 14 in Paris on "How We Produce Food and Reduce Waste" and accepted the award.
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