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Wisefood goes German Accelerator New York City/ Silicon Valley

Wisefood goes German Accelerator New York City/ Silicon Valley

Both 2019 and 2020 were and still are exciting years for us at Wisefood. Starting with our cooperation with ALDI via Techfounders at the end of last year, which has been a great experience for us. We were able to learn a lot and both ALDI and Techfounders gave us advice and support. Our switch to packaging made entirely of paper, for which we have relied a lot on ALDI's support, is progressing steadily despite the current situation and fortunately we can act more and more sustainably. At this point, a big thank you again to our partners in this cool campaign, which we will remember positively for a long time to come! Of course, we are also aware that 2020 is a special year that many startups had imagined and planned very differently. We don't want to let that get us down, but see it all the more as a reason to push our mission forward. Our big goal is to replace one billion plastic straws by 2022 to protect our environment and create a plastic-free planet. With new support, we are well on our way to taking a big step in this direction. True to the motto "never let a good crisis go to waste" , we as a company have decided to look ahead positively and are pleased to announce that we are part of the current round of the German Accelerator New York City and Silicon Valley. A lot of time has passed since the first application, through the pitch, until the start. It's finally starting in October and we can't wait to see what German Accelerator has in store for us in this virtual round. A little background knowledge is of course helpful, so here are a few facts for those who shouldn't be told anything about the German Accelerator program.
  • Disposable plates - paper plates Ø 23 cm white (100 pieces)

    🧃 Sustainable party plates
    👍 Suitable for birthdays, barbecues and other events
    🥇 Paper plates that can be used in a variety of ways
    ❤️ For the sake of the environment
    😊 Can be disposed of in waste paper
    💪 Ø 23cm white paper plates
    Original price €6,99
    Original price
    from €6,99
    Current price €6,99
    Our sustainable disposable cardboard plates are the perfect alternative to plastic tableware. Thanks to the water-based coating, which was produced... View full details
  • German Accelerator describes itself on the website as follows: “German Accelerator supports German start-ups in global scaling. We take high-potential companies on a fast-paced learning journey in some of the world's leading innovation hubs. Our programs are highly tailored to participants' individual needs to give them access to international markets and rapid success. German Accelerator is led by German Entrepreneurship GmbH and supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs, Small Business and Energy (BMWi) - they believe that investments in start-ups are direct investments in innovation.” At Wisefood we are very grateful for this opportunity and the direct investment in our innovative ideas for sustainable, disposable edible tableware. Further expansion into the American market has been one of our goals for a long time and we are all the more proud that this is possible during a challenging time of crisis. Whether it's cultural conventions, networking or advice and action, German Accelerator will be our partner in New York City or Silicon Valley. There is a lot to do in terms of sustainability, especially in the USA, and we look forward to being able to implement Wisefood's sustainability mission there soon. We don't let ourselves be slowed down and are looking forward to the start of the virtual German Accelerator!

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