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Nachhaltige Onlineshops für Privatverbraucher und Großhandel

Sustainable online shops for private consumers and wholesalers

Many consumers and companies are rethinking by increasingly shopping in sustainable online shops to reduce the increased amount of waste.

Climate change is omnipresent. Storms, droughts and floods are becoming more frequent, which is why many people want more sustainability in their everyday lives. Many companies are responding to the high demand by making their range more sustainable. Avocadostore and Wisefood are among the best-known online shops in Germany that also offer their sustainable products on Amazon.

What does sustainability mean and why is it so important?

In the course of climate change, the call for more sustainability is getting louder. The term "sustainability" is used more and more in everyday life because more and more companies are also becoming sustainable. What does it actually mean to be sustainable and why is sustainability becoming more and more important?

First and foremost, sustainability means taking more responsibility for one's actions. This primarily affects companies, but private consumers can also contribute to more sustainability through their consumer behavior. The priority is to reduce the CO2 emissions caused by

  • a high use of natural resources (oil, wood),
  • a high level of pollutant emissions from cars, airplanes and industry and
  • increased consumption of meat and dairy products


In this regard, Germany has decided to reduce CO2 emissions and become climate neutral by 2045. For many companies and private consumers, this is not happening fast enough, which is why they are already sending out a clear signal in terms of sustainability by buying or offering environmentally friendly products.

The so-called three pillars of sustainability play a major role in this. For example, it is not enough to just look for the organic seal when buying sustainable products. The environmental aspect (ecology) is supplemented by two additional pillars – also known as the three-pillar model. While the first pillar is about reducing the ecological footprint by, for example, buying sustainable products, walking more often, using public transport, being vegan and not flying, the three-pillar model also includes the economic and social aspect a.

Economic (economic) sustainability means generating profits, which in turn can be used for ecological projects, fair wages for employees, new investments in renewable energies and environmental protection. Not to forget the social sustainability that takes the needs of employees into account. This includes fair pay, a secure job and unhindered access to drinking water and sanitary facilities.

In order to act in the spirit of sustainability, all three pillars of the three-pillar model must be taken into account at the same time - only then can the products and services really be sustainable.

Which online shops offer sustainable products?

There are now many online shops that specialize in sustainable products. Avocadostore is one of the best-known online shops in this regard, but there are other green online shops for sustainable products, which are briefly presented below.

1. Avocado store

The goal of the web shop, founded in 2010, was from the outset to offer sustainable alternatives so that customers can do without conventional products. Over the years, Avocadostore has grown into a sustainable webshop that has more than 300,000 environmentally conscious products in its range.

Transparency is very important to the online shop in order to show customers the benefits of sustainable products. The products fulfill the three pillars of sustainability, since they usually

  • are produced locally,
  • come from Germany
  • are biodegradable,
  • conserve natural resources
  • contribute to the reduction of CO2,
  • are long lasting
  • are made from biological raw materials,
  • be fairly traded and
  • have a long shelf life (reusable).

In addition to other sustainable manufacturers, Avocadostore also has many Wisefood products in its range that meet the criteria of sustainability and the three-pillar model. This includes not only edible drinking straws, but also cutlery, crockery and mugs made from environmentally friendly materials. A bestseller, for example, is a double-walled thermal mug that can very well replace the conventional coffee-to-go mug. If you simply want to order in the web shop, you can log in with a verified login to complete the ordering process.

2. Lagoon

Laguna is a green online shop specializing in plastic-free, reusable kitchen and household products complemented by non-toxic children's and baby products. The product range includes, for example, crockery, cutlery, lunch boxes and returnable bottles.

3.Ultra Green

Ultra Green attaches great importance to plastic-free products that can be used for household and personal care. The manufacturer's goal is to minimize the ecological footprint and move towards zero waste. The range includes, for example, soap, shampoos and body creams.

4. Lilly Green Shop

Lilly Green is an online shop whose products are made from renewable, recycled and biodegradable materials. Products are individually labeled to indicate production, recyclability or the possibility of composting. The products cover the areas of housing, toys, technology and office.

5. Samebut green

The range of plastic-free products at Samebutgreen is large and mainly includes the categories everyday life and travel. The special thing is that the manufacturer collects one kilogram of plastic per order. Shipping is not only CO2-neutral, but also completely plastic-free.

What sustainable products are there?

The range of sustainable products is now huge - from food and drink to clothing and cosmetics. Many people like to dig a little deeper into their pockets to buy environmentally friendly products that are manufactured under fair conditions in terms of sustainability. Fortunately, there is now no area that cannot be replaced by environmentally friendly products, as there are sustainable ones

  • Groceries,
  • Furniture,
  • cosmetics,
  • clothes and
  • Shoes


The range of groceries has grown continuously in recent years - not only in the supermarkets, but also in the web shops. The avoidance of plastic is often the focus. For this reason, there are already many manufacturers who offer their sustainable products unpackaged in order to save plastic or create environmentally friendly alternatives.

In the manufacture of cosmetics, it is important to avoid microplastics and unnecessary fragrances, while manufacturers of clothing and furniture rely on natural, certified raw materials that contain no harmful components and are also reusable and biodegradable. Sustainable also means doing without animal ingredients and animal testing. Avocadostore makes this clear, for example, with various seals and certificates that can be easily viewed by the customer.

Amazon and sustainability – the future is “green”

Amazon wants to go even faster in terms of sustainability and with its goals send a clear signal in terms of environmental protection. The Climate Pledge Friendly program deserves special mention. This is a special seal introduced by Amazon to make sustainable products more visible. In this way, the provider wants to make it easier for its customers to find environmentally friendly products. The prerequisite for the Climate Pledge Friendly seal is that the respective products bear at least one environmental certificate and contribute to the conservation of natural resources.

Products that have been awarded the Climate Pledge Friendly seal can be found in many areas of the web shop - from food and cosmetics to household items, electronics and clothing, the supplier has many ecological products in its range. So-called “Cradle-to-Cradle products” are specifically indicated in the web shop. These are products that can be composted or recycled, for example. There are currently said to be over 25,000 items that are certified as sustainable products and are listed in a separate area.

In this regard, the provider has set itself the goal of being climate-neutral by 2040 and of making the locations at which the company operates particularly climate-friendly. For example, 50 percent of parcel deliveries should be climate-neutral by 2030, and the company also wants to generate its energy exclusively from renewable energies by 2030. In 2020, the company was already one of the largest buyers of renewable energies with a share of 65 percent.

One of the best-known Amazon suppliers of ecological products is Wisefood - a very young company that has become known for its edible drinking straw. The product made from apple fiber can be used like a conventional straw.

The Wisefood range has grown continuously in recent years. It is important to the company that the products can either be recycled, composted or eaten. The products are available for private consumers as well as for the catering trade and wholesalers. For this reason, even large order quantities are no problem. The most popular products include, for example

  • Paper and cardboard cups
  • wooden cutlery
  • Consumable products (straws, mixing spoons, cups)
  • Paper plate
  • sundae
  • waffle cup
  • Plates and bowls made from palm leaf, sugar cane and bagasse
  • ♻️ Sustainable and plastic-free
    💚 Vegan
    ✨ Ideal alternative to plastic cups
    🥤 Filling volume: 110ml or 220ml
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  • Of course, the focus is on the zero-waste products that customers can eat as soon as they have fulfilled their task as a straw, bowl or cup. The basis of these products produced in Germany are either apple fibers or oat bran, which can be composted just as well.

    Wisefood - own online shop for sustainable products

    Of course, Wisefood also offers its Wisefood products in its own online shop, so that customers can easily order their favorite products. If you want more sustainability in everyday life, you can also buy your products from Amazon. The Wisefood range is particularly wide-ranging. In addition to the edible products, Wisefood also offers many disposable and reusable items that meet the requirements for sustainable products and are certified by the Amazon seal "Climate Pledge Friendly".

    The manufacturer's goal is to replace conventional plastic items with sustainable products. This can be important, especially in the gastronomic sector, to help avoid waste. Wisefood works closely with the producers and pays attention to sustainable production and delivery and fair payment. The following paragraphs show which Wisefood and Wiseware products are offered in detail in the web shop.

    Cups : disposable, reusable or edible

    With its range of cups, the manufacturer sets clear accents in terms of sustainability. The edible disposable cups can either be eaten or composted, which is why they meet the requirements of a sustainable, environmentally friendly product. The cups are made of oat bran, for example. They can withstand even higher temperatures and can therefore even be used for a coffee to go.

    The manufacturer proves that disposable can also be sustainable with its cardboard or paper cups, which are biodegradable and free of plastic. The sturdy cardboard is treated with a biological coating to protect the cups from both heat and leakage. Not to forget the reusable cups, which are made of metal and stainless steel and are therefore reusable.

    Sustainable crockery : plates and bowls

    So that the Wisefood products are sustainable and an enrichment for every meal, the tableware is made from different raw materials. Paper and cardboard are the first choice for many customers. However, the manufacturer deliberately refrains from using a plastic coating and instead relies on biological leakage protection. Incidentally, the wood for the paper production comes from certified cultivation.

    In addition to cardboard and paper, two other raw materials are used to manufacture Wisefood products. One raw material is sugar cane (bagasse) – a biodegradable material that is an excellent alternative to traditional plastic products. The manufacturer's plates and bowls, which are made from palm leaves - a natural waste product - are just as sustainable.

    Reusable Wisefood products

    With its biodegradable and edible Wisefood products, the manufacturer makes a sustainable contribution to avoiding waste. However, waste can also be avoided by allowing crockery to be reused as desired. One of the biggest advantages of reusable is that these products create no waste - especially when they are made of durable and rustproof stainless steel. The manufacturer's thermal mugs are doubly insulated to keep the contents nice and warm, whether it's tea or coffee.

    Wisefood products for gastronomy & wholesale

    Wisefood products are not just aimed at private consumers. The manufacturer also offers its products in large quantities so that they can be used as accessories for wholesalers or as accessories for the catering trade. These include, for example

    These products are always offered in large quantities as accessories for wholesalers and as accessories for the catering trade. The number of pieces can vary between 25 and 1,000 in order to use the products for restaurants, events, parties or large events, for example, and to replace conventional plastic products with sustainable materials.

    Conclusion: Sustainable web shops are on the rise

    More and more people want to replace conventional products with sustainable ones. Therefore, there are more and more environmentally conscious online shops that pay attention to sustainable production and delivery and fair payment for their products. On the Amazon site, for example, all environmentally friendly and fair trade products can be called up to make it easier to find your way around when buying sustainable products. Wisefood products are an excellent example here, showing that disposable can also be ecological.


    Does Amazon also have sustainable products? Yes. The products are listed under the “Climate Pledge Friendly” seal.

    Where can Wisefood products be bought? The products are available on the manufacturer's website as well as on Amazon and Avocadostore.

    Are the products only for private consumers? No. They can also be bought as accessories for wholesale and catering.

    What sustainable raw materials are Wiseware products made from? For example from birch wood, paper and cardboard from certified forests as well as from bagasse or palm leaves. Can the edible cups also be used for coffee?
    Yes, they can also withstand higher temperatures.


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