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4 coole regionale Getränke Startups aus Deutschland

4 cool regional beverage startups from Germany

The Covid-19 pandemic has been raging worldwide for several months. It has now been more than eight months in which consumers can only go to restaurants, bars and pubs to a limited extent. As soon as everything can open again on a large scale, an enormous need of customers to discover new gastro trends must be satisfied. It's about new food startups and beverage startups that can bring many new innovations to the industry. We at Wisefood are a start-up that wants to support sustainable and ecologically responsible management in pubs, bars and restaurants with our biodegradable drinking straws. In line with this, we present three innovative beverage startups from Germany below.

MARI - Join the Lama

The beverage startup MARI from the Moselle does what the companies on the Moselle do best: produce and sell wine. The organic startup fills bottles with a particularly fresh and sparkling wine spritzer. Exquisite ingredients are added to the fruit from the vine in order to stand out from the usual wine products in supermarkets and specialist shops. There are currently four different varieties. All varieties are basically made from the wine of the Moselle vine and a good portion of South American Mate.
  • Different flavors have been added to the Mosel Riesling in the Mari Elder. Matte from South America and sweet elderberry mix with the taste of German wine. This resulted in a completely new product that still tastes like wine, but has a particularly fruity and sweet taste in the finish.
  • Some spice has been added to the Mari Ginger. Ginger is the main ingredient here alongside the Moselle Riesling. It's the perfect wine alternative for those who like a bit of spice in their lives. A small note of chilli completes the mixture.
  • Mari Winter was created by the company to serve as both a cold and hot drink. With its bright red color and its white label, it is actually a reminder of contemplative hours at Christmas. Black currants have been added to the original recipe and selected winter spices such as cinnamon and cloves round off the drink. Mari Winter not only looks Christmassy, ​​but is also only available from October to March.
  • Mari Tonic is a semi-dry tonic with rosemary whisked into the water. It should go perfectly with cocktails and complement gin.
Even though the company was first founded in 2013, it had a number of teething problems. Now Mari is finally able to produce his drinks on a large scale.
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  • Mono tea

    The Munich organic startup Mono sells interesting types of tea that do not require any additional sugar. The name should also stand for this: "Mono" - as a sign that the products only contain what is really important. All other flavor carriers and ingredients have been rigorously left out. Therefore, Mono's teas are pure and unadulterated and consist of 100% natural ingredients. And as befits a real organic startup, the teas are of course vegan. Mono's teas work both hot and cold brewed. The brand is particularly popular as an iced tea. There are six different varieties that, although not a new taste creation, meet the consumer's desire to consume an organically grown and sustainable product. The tea is available in the flavors green tea jasmine, lemongrass apple mint, mint lime, green tea ginger, ginger lemon and hibiscus orange. Sustainability was also a priority for the packaging. Mono Tee works with Elopak, who produce cartons that are proven to have a significantly lower carbon footprint in their production. In addition, the packaging is not only 100% recyclable, it is also made from recycled material.


    The beverage startup, which originally wanted to sell coffee, has now reoriented itself and is in the process of concentrating on liquors and alcoholic beverages. However, their motto has remained the same: a lot of passion should be put into the products while you enjoy the peace and quiet in the beautiful Bavarian mountain valley and find your way back to the old art of beer brewing. Real craftsmanship is behind the products from Heiland , which come from the oldest hop-growing region in the world, the Hallertau. The products include a large number of particularly creative types of beer. They are all very mildly brewed. The beverage startup is experimenting with different flavors by adding chocolate, different fruits, caramel and salt at will. The special thing about Heiland's beers is that they develop their full flavor at room temperature and do not have to be cooled. In addition, the products of this food startup can also be mixed into long drinks or classic cocktails, resulting in completely new and individual creations. In addition to beer, Heiland also produces other spirits from and with beer. Especially the rum liqueur is worth trying, with 23% vol. was brewed. It was mixed with strong beer, vanilla, roasted malt and brittle to create a spicy rum liqueur. The rum liqueur is not only perfect for use in cocktails, but also offers the customer a completely new taste experience on ice.

    wise food

    Wisefood started with sustainable drinking straws. Our drinking straws are made from apple fibers, which are a by-product of apple juice production, and other sustainable raw materials. The drinking straws are almost tasteless and only slowly soften after more than an hour in the drink. The SUPERHALM we developed is wonderfully suitable for both hot and cold drinks. If stored dry, the straw can be kept in its packaging for up to two years and can even then be consumed without hesitation by the customer. For consumption , we recommend leaving the SUPERHALM in the drink for about 15 to 20 minutes before eating it. Because in its original form it can be a bit crunchy. The slightly sweet and sour apple taste of the straws is only noticeable after drinking, before the straw takes on the taste of the drink. But we at Wisefood sell much more than just one drinking straw. Our products are also available in different sizes, colors, diameters and lengths. Therefore, the SUPERHALM is perfect for small cups as well as for to-go cups, for normal glasses and for the jumbo cocktail containers. Because we take our mission of edible tableware very seriously, our food startup not only sells utensils for drinks, but also edible chopsticks, cake pop sticks and spoons for ice cream and dessert.   Sources: 
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