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Saubere Ideen für einen plastikfreien Sommer

Clean ideas for a plastic-free summer

The sun shines from the cloudless sky. The next weekend trip is just around the corner. Is there anything more beautiful? The wonderful weather and the desire for that summer feeling draw everyone out into nature. Enjoy the originality of nature on a walk in the woods, unwind at the bathing lake and clear your head on a hike in the mountains. But as soon as you have arrived at your destination, you are already presented with a completely different, less beautiful picture in the parking lot: plastic waste!
Lakes are full of plastic

Plastic waste as far as the eye can see

Many popular excursion destinations are often so littered that you soon lose interest in a day out in the country. It is mostly packaging of all kinds that is scattered in the ditch, in the bushes and in the high grass. Unfortunately, outdoor barbecues or picnics often leave behind a veritable mountain of rubbish that could actually be easily avoided. Here are a few suggestions on how you can plan your next picnic without using any plastic. So that in the evening there is nothing left of the day but a really good time.

Preparation is everything

There are many ways to make your next barbecue party completely plastic-free. The best way to avoid packaging waste is when you go shopping by consciously deciding against packaged finished products. Fresh bread from the baker, meat from the local butcher and seasonal vegetables from the weekly market offer the more environmentally friendly and usually higher quality alternative. You can also save a lot of waste when choosing drinks. Instead of buying cans or plastic bottles, use glass bottles or bring your own drinking bottle.
Plastic-free alternatives and packaging

Sustainable packaging for on the go

Ready to go! You have finally prepared everything for the long-awaited trip and of course you can't do without one or the other packing helper. It is best to opt for sustainable reusable packaging that is perfect for transporting food. Salad bowls and cans made of bamboo or stainless steel offer you a guaranteed unbreakable solution. This Alternatives to traditional plastic packaging not only protect the environment, but also your wallet in the long run. Once purchased, the products give years of pleasure and, thanks to their high quality, offer a small, pleasant luxury in everyday life. And what if the lid is missing? No problem! It is best to replace aluminum foil and cling film with eco-friendly beeswax wraps . They are ideal for covering individual bowls. Fresh food such as fruit and cheese can be conveniently portioned and packed in the cloths. With their flexible and waterproof structure, they easily adapt to any shape and keep everything securely in place. The towels themselves are 100% cotton, come in a variety of sizes, and are easy to clean after use with pH-neutral soap.

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  • The route is the goal

    Now the question of the actual transport arises. Although fabric bags made of cotton have been an integral part of our everyday life for years, many day trippers still like to use plastic bags when they are out and about. But why, when there are so many visually appealing models made of cotton? In Germany, 2 billion plastic bags are used every year. So each of us uses about 24 plastic bags a year. However, the average usage time is only around 25 minutes. Cloth bags, on the other hand, will remain loyal to you for many years. The bags made of natural material are also a clean thing. You can easily wash fabric bags in the machine, even at high temperatures. As often as you like. They are light, comfortable to wear and, with fresh colors and motifs, quickly become a fashion accessory.

    It's better to travel light

    The barbecue party can start! Now you finally want to enjoy salad, sausages and co. in peace. Since you certainly don't want to serve the lovingly prepared snacks on paper plates, you shouldn't be without reusable crockery in your luggage. Plates made of bamboo or aluminum offer a good alternative that also only adds a little weight to the backpack or tote bag. It gets more difficult with the cutlery. Plastic cutlery is not only an enormous burden on the environment, but also a break in style for any lovingly arranged picnic or Barbecue . However, conventional cutlery is mostly made of stainless steel and weighs heavily in the truest sense of the word. The perfect excursion companion is therefore Bamboo cutlery . It is not only made of environmentally friendly and sustainable material, but also light as a feather, extremely stable and therefore particularly durable. And for conventional plastic straws there are now many different alternatives made of aluminum or sustainable bamboo. Simply clean the drinking straws with a small brush after use and reuse them countless times.
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