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holding chopsticks properly

Holding chopsticks correctly: A guide

Do you love Asian food of all kinds and would you like to enjoy it in style in the future? Then you should learn how to use chopsticks. For Europeans this is not so easy and actually requires a little skill. It's definitely worth learning how to eat with chopsticks. In the following tutorial, we will tell you how you can best do this and give you useful tips and tricks.

Holding chopsticks: This is how beginners can do it too

There isn't just one method of holding chopsticks. For beginners, however, this variant has proven itself: The lower chopstick lies in the hollow between the thumb and forefinger and on the tip of the ring finger and remains immobile. Then hold the upper chopstick with your thumb, index and ring finger and move it up and down. Try to keep your thumb as still as possible. This movement will seem unusual to you at first; you might even get a cramp in your hand. Practice this movement until it has become second nature to you. If you have mastered the movement to some extent, you can try to pick up small bites with the chopsticks. Small pieces of vegetables or potatoes are best. The intake of rice is a little more difficult and requires more practice. Even in China, rice is preferably eaten from small bowls. These are lifted up to the mouth and the rice grains are then carried into the mouth from there with chopsticks. If you want to eat your rice with chopsticks, cook it as sticky as possible; this makes recording a little easier.

Various tutorials and instruction videos, which you can often find on the Internet, will help you learn how to eat with the traditional wooden sticks. There are also commercially available chopsticks for beginners. They are also good for children who are learning to eat with chopsticks. The secret: These chopsticks are tied together at one end, which makes them much easier to use. Some of these models come with silicone rings that you can slip your fingers into. Whether you choose disposable chopsticks or the reusable model is up to your own preferences. If you are often Asian, we recommend reusable chopsticks because you can use them permanently. You can buy high-quality chopsticks in our shop. Here you will not only find chopsticks in all imaginable variations, but everything you need for a typical Asian evening. We offer you a variety of sustainable products and even edible cutlery. Our absolute highlight are the edible sushi sticks, known from the lion's den. You can also buy wooden spoons, forks and knives as well as a cutlery set from us.

Here are a few valuable tips that can make eating with chopsticks easier for you:
  • Don't hold the chopsticks too close to the thin end, but keep your hands as far away from the food as possible
  • It is best to use chopsticks made of wood or bamboo for practice. They are easier to handle than plastic chopsticks due to their grippy texture.
  • When picking up food, an angle of 45 degrees has proven itself
  • Make sure the wide ends of the double crochet don't form an X
  • The position of the chopsticks is very similar to that of a pen, except that the chopstick is slightly lower.

Now you should know everything you need to know about eating with the wooden sticks and don't forget: practice makes perfect. Don't give up right away if you don't succeed on the first attempt.

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  • What types of chopsticks are there?

    There are no special chopsticks for right- or left-handers. However, the sizes of the chopsticks differ. The version for men is slightly longer - simply because men have larger hands. In order for eating with chopsticks to be successful, you should decide on the right length of chopsticks. To do this, you first measure the span between your thumb and index finger. This result then represents two thirds of the optimal length of the rod. The formula would therefore be: span length plus half the span length = optimal rod length. So if the span length between your thumb and forefinger is 15 centimeters, the optimal length of the chopstick would be 22.5 centimeters.

    No gos when eating with chopsticks

    When eating with chopsticks, there are a few basic things to keep in mind or avoid so as not to appear rude. One faux pas you shouldn't afford is using the end of your chopstick to skewer food. You should also avoid banging your chopsticks on the table or pointing them at other people. It is still a no-go to stick the chopsticks vertically into the rice bowl. This is considered very rude in Asian cultures. If you are traveling in Japan, you should not put your chopsticks on the edge of your plate. In most restaurants, small wooden benches are placed on the table for this purpose, which you can use. They are also known as Hashioki. Last but not least: If a tray with food for everyone at the table has been placed in the middle, only use the thick end of your chopsticks to take it. Don't use the thin end that you already had in your mouth before.

    Interesting and curious facts about chopsticks

    Did you know that around 900 million people around the world eat with a knife and fork, but as many as 1.2 billion people eat with chopsticks. This type of food intake is therefore widespread. However, there are still significant differences between the so-called chopsticks in Asian countries. Those in Japan, for example, are significantly shorter than those in China. While the chopsticks used to be mainly made of bamboo, today they are mostly made of wood or metal.

    Conclusion: Rice and sushi are among your absolute favorite foods? From now on you can enjoy this even more if you decide to eat with chopsticks. Some even say that the food tastes even better when done with chopsticks, so be sure to try it yourself!

    What are chopsticks made of?
    Chopsticks are available in wood or bamboo as well as plastic. For the beginner, the models made of wood or bamboo are better suited because they have a better grip.

    What should you avoid when using chopsticks?
    Don't poke around in the food with your chopsticks or put them on the edge of the plate. Also, avoid pointing your chopsticks at other people. You should also not stick the chopsticks vertically into the rice, as this is reminiscent of an Asian funeral ceremony.

    What distinguishes chopsticks for beginners?
    Beginner sushi sticks are tied at the top. That and the silicone rings make it much easier to use.

    Where did the chopsticks come from?
    In China, chopsticks have been used for eating for more than 3,000 years. Around the 7th century, chopsticks made their way to Korea, Japan and Vietnam.

    How long should the chopsticks be?
    To find the right length of chopsticks, measure the span between your thumb and forefinger. Add half the length to the length determined in this way and you have the right size for your chopstick.
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