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Trinkhalme aus Edelstahl und Metall: Glanzvolle Alternative oder doch nicht alles Gold was glänzt?

Drinking straws made of stainless steel and metal: a brilliant alternative or isn't all that glitters gold?

Straws made of stainless steel or metal are robust and therefore made for eternity. They can also be sterilized by heat, are dishwasher-safe, recyclable and free from BPA, the harmful plasticizer that can disrupt and damage the hormone system, especially in growing children. That doesn't sound bad at first, because with this range of positive factors they are a perfect alternative to plastic straws that are harmful to the environment. In addition, drinking straws made of stainless steel or metal are very nice to look at and therefore an absolute eye-catcher in every glass. Unfortunately, consumers cannot yet buy the shiny straws in every supermarket. However, they can be ordered sooner or later in various online shops and delivered conveniently to your home.
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  • Are there any disadvantages that should be considered?

    In addition to the majority of positive factors, not everything that glitters is gold with this environmentally friendly alternative. Straws made of stainless steel, aluminum or copper are not 100 percent tasteless. They can leave a metallic taste in the mouth, especially in drinks with little taste of their own, such as water. On the one hand, the hardness of the material proves to be extremely positive, since the drinking straw cannot break. On the other hand, many people find metal on their teeth unpleasant. In addition, caution should be exercised when consuming warm liquids. Since metal conducts heat, certain drinks can get hot in the mouth. In addition, straws made of copper or aluminum should be cleaned by hand, otherwise unsightly discolouration will occur. For domestic use: no problem. In gastronomy, however, things are different. Depending on the size of the business, a few hundred drinking straws are used here every day. Of course, they have to meet the hygiene standards and find their way to the customer absolutely clean. But is this even possible in the daily hustle and bustle of a gastronomic business?

    Do stainless steel drinking straws also shine in terms of hygiene?

    Stainless steel straws are unbreakable and clearly have the edge in this ability. However, when cleaning the tubes, things look a little different with the guide roller. Actually, we can only guess what the inside of the metal straw looks like after it has been in use for a certain period of time. In addition, the inner surface of the metal tube cannot be polished as perfectly as the outer surface during production. If you look closely at the inside of a metal drinking straw, for example under a microscope, you can see a wide variety of unevenness. These tiny cracks ensure that residues of drinks can accumulate after repeated use. Negative effect: An optimal breeding ground for dirt and bacteria, which cannot be completely removed even by meticulous cleaning.

    Do the positive factors of the stainless steel drinking straw compensate for the high manufacturing and cost expenditure?

    Drinking straws made of stainless steel are produced with a high expenditure of energy and resources. Nevertheless, the many positive properties and a lifelong durability largely compensate for this. Of course, they are more expensive to buy, but this is guaranteed. From a gastronomic point of view, however, this increased cost proves to be a problem. Especially when the stylish straws disappear from time to time as if by magic and a regular new purchase is to be expected.

    Disposable alternatives from Wisefood: products that add ecological and economic value.

    In addition to many other environmentally friendly products, our edible straws are a healthy and sustainable alternative to plastic drinking straws. Our production takes place in Europe, which means that we avoid long transport routes and the associated CO2 -Keep emissions as small as possible. At Wisefood we value quality design that can be used on any occasion. Our drinking straws are available in different sizes and different diameters. This is how drinking with a straw is fun. It doesn't matter whether we enjoy a milkshake with fresh strawberry pieces or a delicious cocktail in our favorite bar.
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