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Bubble Kerzen: Heiße Hingucker (nicht nur) für die kalte Jahreszeit

Bubble candles: Hot eye-catchers (not only) for the cold season

If there is a decoration trend for 2022, then it must be these square-shaped bubble candles, which can not only be bought, but above all made by yourself. Whether as a Christmas present or for your own 4 walls: With the right silicone mold and the right candle wax, you can really bubble. Old but environmentally friendly leftover candles can also be used. A homemade bubble candle made from colorful leftover candles is a sensible, sustainable way of using leftovers. But you can also work sustainably and environmentally friendly with the right purchased wax when it comes to DIY. And these attractive bubble candles prove that living sustainability and active environmental protection can actually be fun. Also, your one-of-a-kind candle isn't available anywhere in the world. It is a real one-of-a-kind! What exactly are bubble candles?  They are called bubble candles in English, whereby the term "bubbles" simply means "to blow". Basically, a bubble candle consists of many bubble-shaped, stacked and side-by-side "bubbles" that are joined together to form a single, cube-shaped candle. The special thing about such a bubble candle is the unusual cube look, whereby the individual bubbles can also have different colors. Whether soft pastel tones, bright color mixtures or all in white: Bubble candles - like our Bubble candle on - are real eye-catchers. 
  • ♻️ Sustainable and vegan
    ✨ Made from hydrogenated rapeseed oil
    ✅ Free from paraffins and toxic pollutants
    🕯 From German candle manufacture
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  • Important: The candles should be free from paraffin and pollutants that are harmful to the environment. So you should pay attention to sustainable and high-quality raw materials both in the DIY candle project and when buying a candle. The basis for homemade bubble candles: the right wax When making your homemade bubble candles, you should use regional, non-toxic waxes such as rapeseed wax or beeswax if possible. However, you should completely avoid candles or paraffin waxes as well as soy and palm waxes. Because these are anything but environmentally friendly. They usually come from other, far away parts of the world, so that a lot of CO2 is released into the air simply by transport. Unfortunately, inadequate regulations in terms of environmental protection during production, unnecessary plastic consumption and harmful additives are also part of everyday life in some of these countries of origin. Rapeseed, on the other hand, is also often grown in German-speaking countries. Making candles from rapeseed wax means short transport routes and environmentally friendly processing. This makes rapeseed wax one of the most sustainable raw materials for candles in Germany. That's why our low-soot and low-smoke bubble candles from Wisefood are made from genuine organic rapeseed wax. Because in addition to protecting our environment, your health is also very important to us. Rapeseed wax: Sustainable, climate-neutral and vegan Rapeseed wax is a regionally renewable raw material that is also biodegradable. None of the waste materials that may be produced during the rapeseed harvest or the production of rapeseed wax increase the mountains of rubbish, but are part of a natural cycle. Rapeseed wax is also purely plant-based, so even vegans feel on the safe side with a bubble candle made from rapeseed wax.  Other advantages of rapeseed wax for candle making In addition to the climate-neutral production of our or your homemade bubble candle, the long burning time of rapeseed wax candles is also worth mentioning. Because rapeseed wax burns significantly longer than conventional stearin or paraffin candles. It also produces less soot and is not genetically modified. However, soy wax that comes from abroad usually comes from genetically modified soy. This thought alone makes many health and environmentally conscious people prefer to use rapeseed wax instead of soy wax. The only small disadvantage of rapeseed wax for in-house candle manufacture: Making candles with rapeseed wax requires a little skill and practice. But anyone who regularly makes candles from rapeseed wax will get the hang of it over time. Because here, too, practice makes perfect. When burning, rapeseed wax develops a slight, individual odor of its own. Whether this is rather pleasant or not is in the eye - or rather in the nose - of the beholder. However, most people are not bothered by this, but rate this as a particularly natural feature of their bubble candle made of real rapeseed wax.  The different types of wax and their burning time Paraffin candles have a fairly short burn time. Sometimes, therefore, some stearin is added to them, which prolongs the burning time. Because stearin, which consists of natural raw materials such as rapeseed wax or palm oil, melts much more slowly than paraffin derived from petroleum thanks to its more compact structure. As mentioned, rapeseed wax burns even longer than stearin candles. However, candles made from real beeswax have the edge when it comes to burning time. On top of that, they do not harm the environment or your health and spread a pleasant scent and a particularly cozy atmosphere. At you will find a generous selection of different candles or candles made of different types of wax. These are particularly recommended with regard to their climate friendliness and sustainability and still have a long burning time. Our DIY instructions for your homemade bubble candle  You only need 3 basics to make your bubble candle:
    •  a wick, preferably made of cotton
    • preferably rapeseed wax and/or old leftover candles
    • a suitable bubble silicone mold for filling
    In just a few steps you have completed your bubble candle
    1. First you put the wick through the hole in the middle of the silicone mold and fix it with the help of a wick holder. If your silicone mold doesn't have a hole, you can simply poke it yourself with a thick needle.
    1. Next, melt the wax (follow the package instructions) in a water bath and stir this melting mass from time to time with a wooden spatula. It is better to use a little more wax than too little.
    1. You then fill the now liquid wax into your silicone mold. If possible, hold the wick firmly so that it does not slip when you fill it.
    1. Now the wax just has to cool down and harden again. After about 6 hours you can shorten the wick to the desired length and remove your bubble candle from the mold.
    Your homemade bubble candle is ready! The most common FAQs about bubble candles: 
    1. Is there any way I can extend the burn time of my candle?
    Yes, there are a few tricks to positively influence the burning time. Make sure that no hollow forms around the wick after blowing it out and lighting it several times. Otherwise only the inner part of the candle will melt and this will burn down faster. Both homemade and store-bought candles will burn longer when the ambient temperature is neither too warm nor too cold. At temperatures above 25°C, most candles deform quickly, making it difficult to burn evenly. The same applies to drafts, which also have a negative effect on the burning time.
    1. Why are paraffin candles considered harmful to the environment?
    Paraffin is a by-product of oil production. Long transport distances also worsen the energy balance. Thus, paraffin candles are neither resource-friendly nor climate-friendly. 
    1. Why are beeswax candles so expensive?
    Beeswax is not a mass product, but a rather rare natural product made by bees. In addition, most beeswax candles are still handmade today. But they have a very long burn time and spread a wonderful scent.
    1. How can I tell that a candle is low in soot and smoke?
    You can recognize this by the RAL seal of approval. All candles from Wisefood bear this seal because they are low in smoke and soot and contain no harmful substances.
    1. Can I use my leftover Wisefood candles in my homemade bubble candle?
    Of course you can use the leftovers of our candles for your bubble candle. For even burning, it is best to only use the leftovers of one type of candle per candle.       Sources: Eco-friendly candles Pollutant-free candles in the Advent season Beeswax: Everything you need to know about candles and cosmetics  
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