Palm leaf tableware

Palm Leaf Dip Bowl Round Ø 6cm (20ml)

🌎 Sustainable & climate neutral💯 
Suitable for oven, microwave and refrigerator
Dip bowl round Ø 6cm, packed in packs of 25
25 bowls
50 bowls
100 bowls
200 bowls

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Palm leaf plate square 20x20cm

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We provide you with the sustainable and edible alternative to plastic dishes, straws and cutlery. All raw materials are carefully selected.

Wisefood's disposable edible tableware is probably the best alternative to products made of plastic, wood or paper. Due to the upcoming EU ban on plastic and bio-based plastics, demand is currently increasing very strongly.

Wisefood was launched in 2016 out of a student project. Since then, a successful crowdfunding campaign has been launched and several TV appearances with an audience of millions have been made. Wisefood's products have been sold in over 5000 branches and exported to over 20 countries around the world.

We thank all supporters and look forward to replacing more plastic products every day!

Why Wisefood Conventional products
Wisefood products
Made of plastic, a raw material that is harmful to the environment
Made from predominantly natural and carefully selected raw materials
Produces tons of waste annually in Germany

Produces happy people

Frequently asked questions

Can palm leaf products be rinsed off and reused?

Palm leaf tableware is intended for single use only when used commercially. However, it is very stable and protected from soaking or greasing. In the private sector, there is nothing to be said against careful rinsing (not too wet) and reuse.

Where do the palm leaf products come from?

Our palm leaf tableware comes from carefully selected production sites in India. We make sure that the production of our partners takes place under fair conditions. For example, we work with companies that have joined Amfori BSCI. BSCI supports companies in establishing an ethical supply chain. This includes checking the companies for 11 criteria such as fair payment, prohibition of child labour, avoidance of environmental damage and much more.

How is palm leaf tableware made ?

For our palm leaf tableware, we actually only use the fallen palm leaves of the betel nut plame. A real "waste" product. These are then washed, dried and pressed into shape with the help of steam. Finally, the pressed palm leaf plates, bowls and the like are disinfected with the help of UV radiation.

Is it possible to order larger quantities? Yes, for larger quantities you can send us an e-mail to sales@wisefood.de


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