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Edible drinking straws - Ø 6 mm - 25 cm long (brown straws)




    🧃 Sustainable edible straws
    🥇 Made in Italy
    🌳 Raw materials from Germany
    🕑 Stable for 60 minutes at room temperature and up to 2 hours in cold, alcoholic drinks
    🚫 Plastic-free

    Together we have already replaced over 100 million plastic drinking straws. What are you waiting for?
     The 100 pack weighs 630 grams.
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    Our Edible Straws


    Wisefood is the market leader for environmentally friendly and edible disposable tableware. The product range includes drinking straws, cutlery, plates, bowls and cups. Every day we are highly motivated to develop more practical and helpful products that help to reduce waste. We are proud of what we have been able to achieve together with our environmentally conscious customers. Awards such as "Germany Land of Ideas" and the EIT Food Award motivate us to further expand our mission. Environmentally friendly production, the use of renewable raw materials and short transport routes are part of our recipe for success. Convince yourself of our delicious products.


    Bye Bye Disposable Plastic Tableware!


    The start of summer will be environmentally friendly. In 2019, the European Parliament voted to ban the sale of single-use plastic from July 2021. A sensible step in the fight against the plastic flood. Cutlery, plates and cups made of plastic and polystyrene that are only meant for one-time use will thus be a thing of the past. The future belongs to reusable, environmentally friendly alternatives. Exact data on the consumption of plastic straws are only based on estimates. In Germany alone, an average of about 40 billion plastic straws are said to be consumed each year. Plastic straws cause unnecessary waste that often ends up in oceans and rivers. Whole plastic pieces and small microplastic particles damage ecosystems in the long term. It's time for a rethink. With our company's environmentally friendly alternative, no one will have to give up drinking with a straw in the future. Our edible super straws are vegan and made of apple fibre in combination with durum wheat semolina. This gives the biodegradable straws stability. The environmentally friendly super straws can withstand up to 60 minutes in drinks. In cold and alcoholic drinks, the natural straws retain their firm consistency even twice as long. After just under 20 minutes, they reach the perfect consistency to be eaten.


    Environmentally friendly drinking pleasure for crunching


    Our drinking straws should not be missing at the next party or cosy round with friends or family. The apple fibres give our super straws a subtle, fresh and fruity taste. Nevertheless, they are almost tasteless. We attach great importance to environmentally friendly production. The raw materials come from the region. Short transport routes ensure an optimal ecological balance. The main ingredient of the super straws is apple pomace. We use raw materials that are already produced during apple juice production. Already in the production process, the natural straws have a better eco-balance than the conventional products made of plastic. In the initial phase, the founding team worked intensively on the optimal product composition. Environmental friendliness, durability and taste neutrality were important criteria. The joy of experimentation and the effort have paid off. Our edible drinking sticks have an optimal shelf life and do not react immediately with the drink. The drinking tubes are manufactured in Germany. The only exception are the 25 cm long straws, which are made in Italy. The light straws consist of durum wheat semolina, wheat gluten, apple fibres and a natural flavouring. The dark ones also contain vegetable charcoal as a colourant. Our products are therefore made entirely from renewable raw materials and contain no synthetic colouring or flavouring agents. Quality and customer satisfaction are particularly important to us. That is why we regularly have our internal company procedures and production processes audited and certified according to international standards. The audit with the IFS Food certificate (International Featured Standards) and HACCP certifies optimal product quality and compliance with legal requirements.


    Sensible alternative for private individuals and gastronomy


    The biological alternative to conventional straws convinces buyers. In total, the super straws have replaced more than 50 million plastic straws so far. Environmentally friendly products are in vogue. According to the Federal Environment Agency, green products have already become firmly established in everyday private households. No wonder, after all, they make you feel better in the end. In the catering industry, the sustainability issue is also gaining in importance. Conventional plastic straws are particularly easy to replace with environmentally friendly alternatives. This means that a considerable amount of plastic waste can be avoided each year. Restaurants and bars are thus positioning themselves in the sustainable segment. Environmental awareness is a valuable unique selling point in attracting and retaining customers. Already in 2011, more than half of the catering businesses worked with sustainable suppliers. This trend is likely to become even more important in the future. If you are looking for more environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic, take a look at the complete product range. With the sustainable Superspoons, you can enjoy your ice cream without creating any waste. In the hotel and catering industry, they make it easy to implement the ban on single-use plastic. The spoon remains stable for five to seven ice cream scoops. Smoothie bowls, yoghurts or the milk foam of coffee can be wonderfully spooned with it. Stir sticks for hot drinks, sushi sticks and tableware are useful additions to the range. Plates, bowls and cups made of natural materials not only help to reduce waste in restaurants and hotels. They are perfect for a picnic in the countryside or a cosy barbecue in the garden.


    Buy super straws conveniently online or from our retail partners

    In our online shop, you can order these practical and environmentally friendly all-rounders with just a few clicks - from home or during your lunch break at work. The holistic idea of sustainability is firmly anchored in our corporate DNA and accompanies us in all steps of the value chain, from production to packaging and delivery. Our team works every day to develop and critically examine new ideas to make our processes even more environmentally friendly. Since our founding as a student project, we are on our way to becoming the market leader in the segment. We welcome all customers who support us in realising our visions and ideas. You can buy our entire product portfolio in stationary trade from our partners and in our online shop. Retailers, catering businesses and wholesalers benefit from attractive retail, catering and wholesale prices. Of course, we offer different packaging units for every need. You have questions about prices and order quantities? Write to us at sales@123.de. You can find an overview of our wholesale partners here.

    Order delicious straws now for your home or business and help reduce waste.

    We provide you with the sustainable and edible alternative to plastic dishes, straws and cutlery. All raw materials are carefully selected.

    Wisefood's disposable edible tableware is probably the best alternative to products made of plastic, wood or paper. Due to the upcoming EU ban on plastic and bio-based plastics, demand is currently increasing very strongly.

    Wisefood was launched in 2016 out of a student project. Since then, a successful crowdfunding campaign has been launched and several TV appearances with an audience of millions have been made. Wisefood's products have been sold in over 5000 branches and exported to over 20 countries around the world.

    We thank all supporters and look forward to replacing more plastic products every day!

    Why Wisefood

    Whether for home, for the catering trade or for supermarkets, we have different packaging units to cover all your needs. Are you a retailer, gastronomer or wholesaler? Then write us and get attractive retail, gastronomy or wholesale prices!
    Conventional products
    Wisefood products
    Made of plastic, a raw material that is harmful to the environment
    Made from predominantly natural and carefully selected raw materials
    Tastes not good and is not stable
    Tastes super delicious and is stable

    Produces tons of waste annually in Germany

    Produces happy people

    Frequently asked questions

    What are your edible straws made of?

    Our drinking straws are manufactured exclusively in Germany in compliance with the highest quality standards. We also try to purchase as many raw materials as possible directly in Germany. SUPERHALM consists of grain, which gives the straw its stability, apple fibre and stevia.

    Our goal was to use apple pomace, a by-product of apple juice production.

    Do the straws have a best before date and when is this?

    Our drinking straws have a shelf life of 12 months. We always have drinking straws open for our drinks in our office. Even when open, you can still use the straws after weeks without any problems.

    How do the straws taste?

    SUPERHALM tastes both a bit sweet and sour. It does not give off any taste, but absorbs the taste of your drink

    How long are the straws stable in the drink?

    SUPERHALM remains stable in the drink for about one hour. The colder and more alcoholic a drink is, the longer the straw will last. For example, if you were drinking an ice-cold cocktail with a high alcohol content, the straw will remain stable in the drink for more than an hour. With hot drinks such as tea or coffee, the stability in the drink is reduced and can last 10-25 minutes, depending on the temperature. But we even drink our coffee and tea in the morning with our straws and have no problems with it.

    On the contrary, because the hot liquid must first be drawn through the straw, the right temperature for drinking is immediately set.


    Where is this edible straw produced?

    The drinking straw is produced in Germany and the primary ingredient also comes from Germany. We are pleased that this means we have short delivery routes to our customers and thus save resources. 


    Where do the ingredients come from?

    We buy the ingredients exclusively from manufacturers and traders from Germany. This allows us to guarantee short delivery routes. 

    What about short straws?

    We're currently working on short straws. As our straws are very heavy, they are also ideal for Aperol glasses and, unlike plastic straws, they do not fall out of the glass.

    Where does the colour difference come from? Does brown taste different from black?

    No, both straws taste the same. We use vegetable charcoal to colour the stalks (on request of our gastro customers)

    Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, wheat gluten, apple fiber, acidifier: citric acid; maltodextrin, natural flavor, sweetener: steviol glycosides. Allergens: May contain traces of egg.

    Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, wheat gluten, apple fiber, acidifier: citric acid; maltodextrin, natural flavor, sweetener: steviol glycosides. Allergens: May contain traces of egg.

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