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Sustainability is also booming in the retail trade like never before! Thus, a sustainable product range in the retail trade has long since become a must-have. Those who recognise this social change can already profit from the enormous opportunities for new growth.  

You too can show your customers with our edible disposable tableware that sustainability nowadays has nothing to do with sacrifice but is actually fun!

Sustainable, edible and stable

Our products are the eye-catcher in every supermarket. Our new floor displays have been specially redesigned for the plastic ban in July 2021.

We have already supplied over 5000 stores in the last few years. With our new floor display and products, you bring the latest innovation to your own store.

Straws, spoons, stir sticks, cups, chop sticks and chop sticks on a floor display!

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Currently, we mainly sell SUPERHALM, our edible and sustainable drinking straw as an alternative to plastic straws. We are currently working flat out on expanding our product portfolio. So you can look forward to over 15 more great products such as plates, cutlery, bowls and much more. As a retailer, you can already take the following products with you today:

  • Counter display (30 packs SUPERHALM)
  • Floor display (120 packs SUPERHALM)
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Where can I already buy SUPERHALM at retail?

You can find us at Globus, Familia, Migros, ALDI and in numerous Marktkauf, Budnikowsky, Edeka and Rewe branches, among others!

Your supermarket doesn't have any wisefood products yet? No problem! Just contact the store manager responsible and tell him about SUPERHALM or other Wisefood products. He can simply get in touch with us and we will make sure that you can buy our products locally in the future.

* Availability may vary from market to market. Just ask the store manager

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You are interested or have questions about our products? You can reach us by e-mail, phone and WhatsApp.

Whatsapp: +49 162 6049639

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You too, be ready today for the 2021 plastic ban and write now to: Our competent team is looking forward to supporting you with attractive sales figures on the subject of sustainable product portfolios