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For multinational companies and brands we have turned our own ideas into reality in numerous R&D projects. Our customers are global players in the retail, food processing and packaging sectors. With our expertise in R&D we help customers to develop and market drinking straws, cutlery and tableware as edible alternatives to conventional disposable products. In doing so, we accompany partners from the idea to industrial mass production and always work together as partners and on equal terms. If necessary, we also develop our own concepts and systems for the construction of new production lines together with our partners and suppliers. Our goal is to become the number 1 in the field of disposable edible tableware. 


We have won countless prizes and awards for our developments, for example, we were named one of the top 50 startups worldwide by the Cleantech Group. We are winners of the largest EU-funded food competition EIT Food Fan and are "Germany - Land of Ideas". As part of the INVEST funding measure of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, Wisefood was granted a subsidy. 


In our Wisefood Labs, we have already put thousands of recipes through their paces and know which recipes and ingredients are needed to achieve the desired stability. We know the advantages and disadvantages of certain ingredients and the possibilities of supplying your customer group with the right product. With production capacities of several million drinking straws per day - several billion every year and production in Germany and other European countries - we are one of the most scalable and experienced suppliers worldwide. 


We offer selected customers the possibility to purchase our products as private label. Customers can decide on colour, length, diameter, taste and ingredients of the edible straws and design a product to match their brand. Very thin drinking straws are just as conceivable as the popular jumbo straws for smoothies or cocktails. But of course we also offer edible spoons, stirrers, ice cream sticks, cups and many other products. 


If you are interested in private label products, you are welcome to send an e-mail to sales@wisefood.eu. 


Please note that due to the complexity of development and production, private label productions are only possible for larger quantities. As a dealer or user, you are welcome to purchase our Wisefood brand products from us in larger quantities at fair prices. For smaller quantities we recommend ordering from our shop or on Amazon.

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