Wisefood for the Gastronomy

Wisefood for the gastronomy

SUPERHALM is an absolute bestseller in the catering and hotel industry. End customers are demanding more and more environmental awareness and sustainability from the catering industry. Our products such as our edible, sustainable drinking straw made exclusively from renewable raw materials are ideal for this. 

You be there too!

Many well-known brands such as the hotels of the Accor hotel group (Mercure Hotels, ibis, among others) already use our straws and thus achieve a sustainable marketing effect. Our drinking straws are very popular with customers and they are not afraid to share them with others. There is a lot of talk about our SUPERHALM on social media and in the press. So our straw gives you a significantly increased media visibility.

Increased media visibility

Brands like the restaurant chain LeBurger from Vienna show how your customers' word-of-mouth and social media posts increase your visibility. Customers like our products and they show that openly and gladly. With our drinking straws you do something good for the environment and at the same time promote your own restaurant or hotel. Your advantages by using SUPERHALM:

  • Twice as stable as the average paper blade
  • Attractively priced, price wise at paper straw level
  • Pleasant drinking feel
  • No extensive cleaning necessary and no risk of breakage
  • No inherent taste of the straw 
  • Increases the level of awareness of your company 
  • Offers you increased media visibility

Individual offers

From a purchase of 3,000 stalks we can make you an offer at attractive gastronomic prices. For less straws we recommend ordering through our shop. Do you already purchase many products via wholesale? So much the better! Here you can also get attractive prices for small quantities. You can find an overview of where our products are already wholesale here.

What others say about us

We at LeBurger have consciously chosen the drinking straws from wisefood.
We have 5 restaurants in Vienna and are always looking for new innovative products. 

We have included the Super Straw in the menu to make it easy to communicate with the guest and to bring the product back to the fore. 

Our guests are super curious and fascinated by the product and post it up and down in the www. For the environment and for us it was the right decision to enter this partnership.

Hotel Novotel Suites Berlin City Potsdamer Platz

We have been enthusiastic about the idea of replacing our ordinary and boring straws with Wisefood's superstraws right from the start.

The Superhalms are very popular with our guests and are very well received.

ibis Berlin City Potsdamer Platz Hotel

The super straws generate a lot of interest among our guests and our team is able to talk to customers about current topics such as sustainability and environmental protection.

Switch now! Do you finally want to join thousands of restaurateurs in their efforts to find a sustainable and sensible alternative to plastic straws? Write us and get attractive gastronomy prices!

Sales & Support

You are interested or have questions about our products? You can reach us by e-mail, phone and WhatsApp.

E-mail: sales@wisefood.eu
Whatsapp: +49 162 6049639

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