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Drinking straws

About us: Wisefood is one of the leading suppliers of edible and sustainable disposable tableware, straws and cutlery. The company has been awarded numerous prizes such as"Germany Land of Ideas" or one of the most relevant food prizes, the EIT Food Award(funded by the EU). We have also been featured on Galileo, Die Höhle der Lö wen and ARD Mittagsmagazin with our products and have supplied over 5000 supermarkets and replaced more than 100 million plastic products since our founding in 2017. We look forward to receiving your order! Our customers include well-known hotels of the ACCOR Hotels Group, ALDI, selected EDEKA and REWE markets and wholesalers such as Selgros, Transgourmet and ChefsCulinar.

Patricia Titz
Founder Wisefood

Sales & Support

Are you interested in or do you have questions about our products? Would you like to receive an individual offer for larger quantities? You can reach us by e-mail, phone and WhatsApp.

E-mail: sales@wisefood.eu
Whatsapp: +49 162 6049639

Sustainable drinking straws 

Your sustainable drinking experience with the sustainable drinking straws from Wisefood! We are known from Galileo, Die Höhle der Löwen, RTL Nachtjournal and many other shows. Our motto: Drink first, then eat! 

  • Perfect alternative to glass straws, metal straws, paper straws, PLA straws or plastic straws
  • Vegan and made from renewable raw materials
  • Made in Germany in an IFS certified production facility
  • 60 minutes stable at room temperature and up to two hours in cold, alcoholic beverages
  • Suitable for hot and chilled drinks

Straws ban July 2021 

The EU-wide plastic ban is just around the corner! From 03 July 2021, straws and other disposable plastic tableware (including PLA) will be banned in the EU. Our SUPERHALM, a sustainable, edible drinking straw, is an even better alternative to straws or plastic drinking straws. 

Advantages SUPERHALM 

Especially in view of the upcoming plastic ban, many customers appreciate sustainable alternatives to straws made of plastic. When the SUPERHALM is not eaten, it can simply be disposed of in the organic waste, as it is 100% compostable. This makes it ideal for the catering and hospitality industry because it doesn't create waste, it's stable, it looks good and on top of that it's much more hygienic than other sustainable alternatives to plastic such as glass straws, metal straws or bamboo straws. In cold drinks our edible drinking straw is stable for up to two hours, in hot drinks up to 60 minutes. 

To Wisefood

At Wisefood, we care about holistic and lasting sustainability at every step of our production of sustainable disposable tableware. From the manufacturing process of our edible straws, to delivery, to packaging, environmental awareness plays a central role in every decision we make. At the same time, we are working at full speed every day to become more and more sustainable and to carry our ideas further. We now offer a whole portfolio of disposable edible tableware as an alternative to plastic. 

This is how a small student project became one of the fastest growing food tech companies in the German-speaking world. So far, we have been able to replace more than 100 million plastic drinking straws with our edible straws and are well on our way to becoming the market leader for edible, sustainable disposable tableware. Join our mission and help us replace one billion straws by 2022! What are you waiting for? Whether it's for home, catering or supermarkets, we have different pack units of straws to suit all your needs. Are you a retailer, caterer or wholesaler? Then write to us and get attractive retail, gastro or wholesale prices!