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Edible spoons / ice cream spoons - 8.8 cm (ice cream, coffee, dessert, finger food)

Edible spoons / ice cream spoons - 8.8 cm (ice cream, coffee, dessert, finger food)


🧃 Your sustainable edible spoons / ice cream spoons to eat up by Wisefood - perfect cookie spoon for ice cream in summer.
đŸ“ș Edible products from Wisefood are known from TV shows like Die Höhle der Löwen (DHDL), Galileo, ARD Mittagsmagazin and many more.
🌍 Made in Germany and therefore short delivery routes. Many other spoons have long transport routes behind them and come from China or India.
đŸ„‡ Production under highest quality standards for food (IFS certified production)
đŸ„„ Your spoon alternative for after the EU plastic ban in 2021. Our spoons are probably the best alternative to the plastic spoon.
😋 Stable, delicious and a Nutri-Score A! 

Together we have already replaced over 100 million single-use plastic products. We appreciate your support! Eat spoons - avoid waste.
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About us

We provide you with the sustainable and edible alternative to plastic dishes, straws and cutlery. All raw materials are carefully selected.

Wisefood's disposable edible tableware is probably the best alternative to products made of plastic, wood or paper. Due to the upcoming EU ban on plastic and bio-based plastics, demand is currently increasing very strongly.

Wisefood was launched in 2016 out of a student project. Since then, a successful crowdfunding campaign has been launched and several TV appearances with an audience of millions have been made. Wisefood's products have been sold in over 5000 branches and exported to over 20 countries around the world.

We thank all supporters and look forward to replacing more plastic products every day!

Why Wisefood

Conventional products Wisefood products
Made of plastic, a raw material that is harmful to the environment
Made from predominantly natural and carefully selected raw materials
Tastes not good and is not stable
Tastes super delicious and is stable
Produces tons of waste annually in Germany
Produces happy people

Frequently asked questions

What are the spoons made of and how do they taste?

You can find the full list of ingredients further down on this page. Our edible spoons consist mainly of flour (rice, corn), sweeteners (maltitol, isomalt), corn starch and apple fiber and are gluten free. Apple fiber is a by-product of apple juice production. Edible spoons with fiber are especially popular right now. Our edible biscuit spoon tastes biscuit-y and is the ideal snack for in between meals. We are proud that our spoon has also achieved a Nutri-Score A.

Where is the spoon produced?

The edible spoons from Wisefood are produced in Germany in compliance with the highest quality standards (IFS and HACCP).

Do the spoons have a MHD and how long is this?

Our edible spoons have a shelf life of 12 months from production. Even when opened, you can still use the spoons after a few days without any problems. Thanks to the optimised recipe, the spoons do not become soft immediately.

How long are the spoons stable?

Our edible spoons remain stable in ice cream for about 30 minutes. The colder your food is, the longer the spoon will last.

Are the spoons more sustainable than other alternatives?

Our edible spoon consists of renewable raw materials. This is not the case with plastic spoons. Your edible spoon is biodegradable or even better, can be eaten, which creates no waste. We therefore think that edible spoons are the best alternative to bioplastic / PLA spoons, wooden spoons, bamboo spoons and all other products.

Where can you buy the edible spoons?

You can find edible products from Wisefood at ALDI, REWE, EDEKA and many other supermarkets. You can find the edible spoons from Wisefood in selected stores in Germany. If a supermarket does not have Wisefood edible spoons on the shelf, you can simply ask for Wisefood edible spoons in the store. Of course, you can also have our products sent to the place of your choice quickly and easily in our online shop. We ship to any place in Germany - no matter if you live in Göttingen, Heidelberg or Berlin. 

Can you make the edible spoons yourself?

Our own recipe is of course top secret, but we have prepared another great recipe for you on our blog that you can use to make make edible spoons yourself can (also with cocoa and cocoa fiber). The perfect recipe for ice cream spoons for home and summer parties.

Ingredients: Flour (rice, corn), sweeteners (maltitol, isomalt), corn starch, apple fiber, inulin, sunflower oil, salt, natural flavor. Allergens: May contain traces of eggs, soy, milk and nuts.

Note: If one of the products is not available, we will replace it with another equally delicious product.

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