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Drinking straws made of stainless steel and metal: Shiny alternative or not all that glitters is gold?

 Straws made of stainless steel or metal are robust and therefore made for eternity. They can also be heat sterilized, are dishwasher safe, recyclable as well as free of BPA, the harmful plasticizer that... read more

Sustainable variants of the drinking straw in comparison

What alternatives are there to the plastic straw? From 21 June 2021, a new EU regulation will apply that bans single-use plastic tableware and drinking straws. This new regulation is intended to counteract the increasing pollution.... read more

Advantages and disadvantages of bamboo drinking straws

In summer 2021, the time has come: disposable plastic products such as plastic plates or plastic straws will be banned. Reason enough to look around for the best alternatives. When it comes to drinking straws, the ones on offer range... Read more

Drinking straws with taste

Various drinking straws are offered that deliver a flavor to the drink. The flavored straws are fundamentally different. There are various flavored drinking straws. For example, edible drinking straws made of... read more

EU plastic ban 2021 for disposable tableware such as plastic straws, plastic spoons, plates and much more.

In 2018, after 13 hours of negotiations, the European Union agreed to ban disposable plastics. Disposable plastic includes cotton swabs, plastic dishes and drinking straws. All these products will be... read more

Paper drinking straws with dubious glue - hints and tips

Paper straws have occupied a niche as a fully compostable and plastic-free alternative. The paper straws are produced in large quantities and are characterized by the variety of colors and designs . read more

Glass drinking straws - a resource-saving alternative?

Glass drinking straws are another alternative to environmentally harmful plastic drinking straws. With sand, the raw material used in glass production, they are much more environmentally friendly than drinking straws made of petroleum. Glass drinking straws not only reduce pollution, but are also... read more

Bamboo drinking straws contribute to the emission of pollutants?

Similar to the paper drinking straws, bamboo drinking straws are compostable and of course plastic-free. The bamboo plant provides an eye-catcher in the drink due to its wooden look. Bamboo is antibacterial and has water-repellent properties. The drinking straws... read more

Alternative and sustainable drinking straws at a glance

Threatening plastic bans, cloth bags instead of plastic bags and edible straws? It's no wonder that more and more people are deciding to live without plastic and that regulatory measures, which a plastic ban entails, are... read more

Biodegradable straws - Ecological straws - Biodegradable Straws

The SUPERHALM drinking straw from Wisefood GmbH is 100% biodegradable. Biodegradable is English and means biodegradable. More and more plastic alternatives are currently being brought onto the market. Wisefood supplies in the field of... read more about Wisefood

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