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Make your own edible spoons recipe from Wisefood

You want to make edible spoons yourself? Surprise your guests with an edible and homemade spoon? Edible spoons are becoming more and more popular through TV shows like Die Höhle der Löwen and others.... read more

Innovative packaging for food

Packaging food - without plastic Avoiding plastic packaging material in your own household is more than just a current trend on various blogs. Yep, it's under the buzzword.... read more

Sustainable gifts are very much in vogue

Plastic flood, waste of resources and climate change force us to rethink in the future. Gastronomy and the hotel industry must move away from the plastic culture they have cultivated up to now. Many restaurateurs are already setting a good example with their take-away dishes’. read more

Sustainable companies

Sustainable companies: Acting green for a rosy future We have a big problem with (plastic) waste and wasting resources. This is not new and is ingrained in most people's minds. Likewise... read more

Environmentally harmful PLA coatings on paper to-go cups?

As we've mentioned many times before, the EU's single-use plastic ban is getting closer and closer in July 2021. This will not only ban plastic straws, but also To Go cups,... read more

Sustainable Packaging Tips for Delivery Service, Take Away Nearby or Food To Go During Corona

Currently we are still in a shutdown with the prospect of further extensions. For many industries, this means that the doors will remain closed, and with them, many around... Read more

4 tips for a sustainable Christmas at home in 2020

Christmas is just around the corner, and like most of 2020, it takes place exclusively at home. Despite the actual contemplation at home, many still get caught up in the Christmas rush and... Read more

Disposable packaging for food: sustainable solutions

Unfortunately, our oceans are rightly called the "drainage pipe of the earth". 12.7 million tons of plastic land there alone, and not in landfills - every year. The damage, which is mostly... read more

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